Tampa, Clearwater, Bradenton

Palm Casual has been a leading provider of Patio Furniture in the Tampa, Clearwater, and Bradenton areas for over 25 years!  We look forward to continuing our service to these locations with the addition of our new Aluminum factory.  With the addition of our Aluminum factory (located in Orlando), we can now offer PVC, Aluminum, Wicker, Read More

Best Furniture to Place Around a Fire Pit

The garden fire pit is an outdoor design feature that is back in style this season. And thousands of homeowners are now reviewing their fire pit furniture options to create a comfortable environment in which to enjoy the fire’s warm glow. To help illuminate some of the leading furniture options for the space, we’ll provide Read More

Outdoor Furniture Ideas to Dress Up Your Front Porch

The front porch space is the area you present to the world each day. It’s the part of your home that communicates your décor tastes to your neighbors and those visiting your home. It’s important to consider how the outdoor furniture on your front porch represents you and your family. In this post, we’ll examine Read More

What is Hardscaping and What Can It Do for Your Backyard?

Hardscaping has become a great way for homeowners to add a functional element in their property using a hard surface. Hardscaping can also add character and natural beauty to a home yard space and so it’s becoming exceptionally popular across the country. Within this post, we’ll examine what hardscaping can do for your home. Hardscaping Read More

Summer’s Four Hottest Patio Trends

For those looking to expand the value of their property and keep up with the neighbors and friends, it’s important to analyze the latest trends. The patio designmarket is growing increasingly quickly in 2015, and within this post our team will outline four of the hottest trends taking place in the patio design marketplace. 1. Read More

Add Container Gardening to Your Patio

Container gardening is now one of the most popular trends in the local region. Thousands of homeowners are now capitalizing on this trend to grow vegetables and plant flowers in their patio spaces. Within this latest post, we’ll highlight several of the leading benefits container gardening can bring to your patio space! Container Gardens are Read More