Outdoor Items to Purchase this Fall

Fall is here again, and we all know what that means – another good reason to change the look of your outdoor living space! With the beauty of nature this season, it is no wonder that most people want to lengthen the time they spent out in their patios.   To perfect that fall ambience Read More

Childproofing Your Outdoor Living Space

Your outdoor living space is meant to be enjoyed by you and your kids. This is where you can go running around with your toddler, or make DIY projects with your older kids. However, you cannot supervise your kids every single minute that they spend in your yard, garden, or deck. It is usually during Read More

Buying High Quality Patio Furniture this Fall

When it comes to outdoor living space furniture, nothing holds truer than the adage “You get what you pay for”. It may seem like a good idea to purchase colourful plastic chairs and tables, especially when buying them means you still have enough money for another home improvement project this fall. However, as most homeowners Read More

Reasons to Buy Cast Aluminum Instead of Cast Iron

It doesn’t matter whether you ask designers or other homeowners. When it comes to patio furniture, they’d tell you one thing – go for cast aluminum instead of cast iron or other materials for that matter. This is not surprising at all, as cast aluminum patio furniture offers a variety of benefits and features while Read More

Maximize Your Outdoor Living Space This Fall

Summer has come and gone and the first signs of fall are here – that clean and crisp air, those warm and beautiful leaf colours, and even the sweet flavour of pumpkin in every dish. For some though, the end of summer means saying goodbye to those lazy lounging out on their decks or in Read More

Surprise Your Family Using Your Own Outdoor Living Space

When was the last time you spent time with your whole family and had fun? Some people think that to achieve that you have to plan a trip, perhaps go to the beach or a theme park. In truth, you can always do fun activities right in your own back or front yard.   Don’t Read More

Creative Ideas to Make Your Patio Spooky

If there is one instance when it’s perfectly okay for your yard, porch, and doorstep to look unkempt and abandoned, it’s Halloween. This is especially so if you are aiming for that creepy and haunted house look this year. So don’t get rid of those fallen leaves in your front yard just yet. Let them Read More

Keep Trick-or-Treaters Safe This Fall

Everybody, both young and old look forward to Halloween and it is no wonder! It’s the only time kids get to dress up as anything they wish to be and have all the candies they want. For parents though, Halloween is also something to worry about. Is it safe? Will the kids be ok? At Read More

Host a Halloween Party at Your Own Backyard

With the air getting crisp and the orange leaves are falling, we all know what would be coming next: Halloween! Yes, it’s just around the corner and you may want to make it more special this year for your little ones. So instead of just hitting the pavement and asking for sweets, why not turn Read More