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Month: December 2016

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Outdoor Living Space

Posted December 30, 2016
2017 is just around the corner – can you feel it? A new year always brings new aspirations as well as resolutions. More importantly, most of us cannot wait for summer to arrive just so we can make the most ...Read More

Outdoor Space Design Trends for 2017

Posted December 26, 2016
If you want to fully utilize your outdoor living space, it is important to keep up with the trends as years go by. For next year, there will be a shift towards sustainable landscapes that reflect a sense of protection ...Read More

Why People are Going Crazy about Wicker Patio Furniture

Posted December 23, 2016
You see it almost everywhere – in magazines and websites featuring luxurious homes, or even in your own relatives and friends’ elegant outdoor living spaces. There’s something beautiful about how the woven design complements any outdoor space it is placed ...Read More

Maximize Your Outdoor Living Space This Winter

Posted December 19, 2016
Winters can seem a little disheartening especially when the cold air and shorter days keep you indoors for a majority of the season. The lack of sunlight can definitely dampen a person’s mood. However, you should not let the winter ...Read More

Naughty or Nice List: Outdoor Furniture Materials

Posted December 16, 2016
When choosing outdoor furniture, there is more to consider than just how it looks and whether it is being offered in a lower price. Keep in mind that there are different kinds of outdoor furniture materials, but you have to ...Read More

Why You Should Upgrade Your Patio Furniture Before the Year Ends

Posted December 12, 2016
Many people tend to use the same outdoor furniture for years, giving little thought to its age. We usually think about replacing it when we get bored of looking at it, when its fabric starts to tear, or when the ...Read More

Give a Little Love to Your Outdoor Living Space

Posted December 9, 2016
Before the year ends, we often contemplate on how the year turned out for us. This is also the time we start thinking about the resolutions to make for the New Year – things we want to improve, to change. ...Read More

Great Ideas for Holiday Parties

Posted December 5, 2016
Winter should not be a time for you to lock yourself indoors. This year, why not take the holiday parties outside? A snow-kissed landscape can be as beautiful as a sun-kissed one.   Here are some great outdoor winter party ...Read More

Outdoor Furniture to Buy for the Holidays

Posted December 3, 2016
Have you ever heard some people say that it is not a good idea to buy or sell homes during winter? The same thing can be heard about patio furniture. However, here at Palm Casual, our products are made from ...Read More

Beating the Winter Blues at Home

Posted December 1, 2016
Winter is now in full swing. As the days get shorter and nights get colder, we can’t help but feel a little down. The “winter blues” are characterized by mild depression, lack of motivation, and low energy that some people ...Read More