Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Outdoor Space

Your outdoor living space will only stay beautiful if you take care of it properly. If you neglect it, you can expect to see stains and mildew, among others. While you think spring cleaning your patio is a tedious task, let us tell you that it is actually not that difficult.   To help you Read More

Why Palm Casual Should Be Your Number One Choice

More and more homeowners today are acknowledging the benefits of having a functional yet beautiful outdoor space. Almost every day, people add patios or have their existing porches revamped. Among the most important decisions homeowners have to make when undertaking the ‘outdoor living space’ project is choosing the right furniture. However, it is more than Read More

Why Wicker is Better than Steel Patio Furniture

So you have finished building the patio of your dreams. All it needs is a set of beautiful outdoor furniture. Your friends might suggest that you get steel furniture, but if you are going to do your research, you will learn that instead of going with steel, you would do a whole lot better with Read More

Invest in High Quality Cast Aluminum Furniture Now

Have you ever purchased plastic outdoor furniture made from low quality materials and then almost immediately regretted doing so because the chairs go flying when it gets a little windy? Well, you are not the only one who got swayed by its low price.   If you are after patio furniture that will remain where Read More

Great Outdoor Dining Tables You Should Buy

Your outdoor living space is one of the areas of your home that will let you reflect what type of homeowner you are. Some people tend to take their porch or patio for granted – not really paying attention to its needs and its appearance. That should not be the case.   If you are Read More

Outdoor Furniture for the Whole Family

When availing outdoor furniture, some people do so for their own personal preference and gain. For others, however, there are different factors to consider before purchasing outdoor furniture. Parents, for one, need to choose their patio furniture wisely while considering the needs of the household.   Here are some suggestions from us when buying outdoor Read More

Great Outdoor Furniture Options for Spring

Spring is not yet in the air, but we’re pretty sure you can already feel it! Aren’t you excited to spend more time outdoors? You should be! To match your excitement, you should also start looking into new outdoor furniture to purchase for that perfect spring experience right at your own outdoor living space.   Read More

Outdoor Furniture: Why We Love It

If you have some decorating plans for your home this year, then you should consider including an outdoor-space makeover. If you are looking for the perfect place to purchase outdoor furniture, then Palm Casual is the right name to look for. We have outdoor furniture products for all spaces and occasions. If you want to Read More

‘Go Green’ with Recycled Plastic Furniture

It might be social awareness or your personal preference, but if you feel encouraged to save forests or help protect Mother Earth, then you can definitely do so by choosing to invest in recycled plastic patio furniture. In addition to its environmental benefits, you are also investing in products that come with substantial consumer benefits. Read More

Give Love, Give the Gift of Patio Furniture

Giving gifts to loved ones oftentimes happen even without any reason. If you want to show appreciation to your parents of your spouse, why not give them something they can actually use, say, patio furniture?   Here are our top picks:   CAST ALUMINUM If you are looking for sturdy and reliable patio furniture to Read More