Why Palm Casual Should Be Your Number One Choice

More and more homeowners today are acknowledging the benefits of having a functional yet beautiful outdoor space. Almost every day, people add patios or have their existing porches revamped. Among the most important decisions homeowners have to make when undertaking the ‘outdoor living space’ project is choosing the right furniture. However, it is more than Read More

Palm Casual and Our High Quality Products

Palm Casual – you might have heard of us from a relative or a friend or perhaps you have passed by one of our factory showrooms. We would love for you to know us more as well as the products we offer.   Palm Casual: Who We Are In 1979, Palm Casual was established in Read More

The Benefits of Buying Furniture from the Manufacturer

Many of today’s leading manufacturers allow buyers to purchase their furniture directly from the company rather than a retailer. This presents a great option for furniture buyers for a number of reasons. And within this blog, we’ll look at the benefits from buying your patio furniture directly from the manufacturer.   The Manufacturer Can Offer Read More

How to Save Money on Patio Furniture

Homeowners can revitalize the outdoor space of their property with stylish patio furniture. However, it’s not always easy to find room in the family budget to make an upgrade and bring in the latest products. For those on limited budgets, it’s important to understanding that all it takes is a little creative thought to reinvigorate Read More

The Importance Of A Money Back Guarantee

Building a relationship with your customers is a key factor to maintaining a successful company. Earning the trust of a customer can help entice them to come back and purchase the products or services that you’re offering on a consistent basis. Best of all, a satisfied customer is more likely to tell others about their Read More