Outdoor Fabrics: Your Choice Matters

Choosing fabric for outdoor cushions require the same efforts as if you are choosing outdoor furniture. If you want the best, you should choose a fabric that is water-resistant or waterproof. Do not forget – your outdoor cushions are also exposed to the wind, the sun, rain and moisture. Fade-resistant fabrics are also a great Read More

Palm Casual: Who We Are

When looking for the best providers in any industry, it is best to know who they are first. In the world of outdoor furniture, Palm Casual has been a name that many customers recognize and love. Why?   Here are some facts you should know about Palm Casual:   It is a family-owned business. Palm Read More

5 Ways to Restore Old Furniture Pieces

Outdoor Furniture: Proper Maintenance and Storage Outdoor furniture requires more attention and care compared to indoor furniture only because the former tend to be more exposed to changes in weather. There are different types of outdoor furniture and each type requires a different technique in cleaning and storing. Read on to find out how to Read More

How to Take Care of Wicker Furniture During Winter

The combined elements of winter can be pretty harsh to your outdoor furniture – it can speed up their natural aging process and possibly destroy it. Just how do you winterize your outdoor furniture? Here are some tips: Store it away. Rattan furniture pieces don't do well in the cold so it is best to Read More

Best Fabric Choices For Outdoor Furniture

Whether you're planning on reupholstering your current set or looking to pick out something new, there's a few things you should consider about fabric for outdoors. Namely, what will work best for you. First and foremost, any fabric you choose for outdoor purposes must be waterproof or water resistant, as they will be exposed to Read More

Perfect Outdoor Fabrics for Poolside Patio Furniture

If you’re purchasing poolside patio furniture, you may be wondering what the perfect poolside fabric is. You have a couple of options for the fabric that covers the cushions of your patio furniture. Sunbrella is produced by Du Pont and is an acrylic fiber. It will resist the fading and deterioration that is caused by Read More

Is SUNBRELLA Outdoor Fabric Right For You?

When it comes to outdoor patio furniture, a popular fabric used by reputable manufacturers in the industry is Sunbrella fabric. For those that aren't aware, Sunbrella outdoor fabric is a sustainable, eco-friendly choice for your patio furniture, since its manufacturing process prevents the production of liquid waste, unlike conventional dying processes. It's also    GREENGUARD® certified! Read More

What Do You Need For The Ideal Backyard?

It’s easy to beam with pride when your backyard is “dressed to impress.” After all, when your backyard is “fully equipped” and spacious enough to accommodate guests, allow your children to have enough room to play, and provide you with a relaxing, peaceful escape from the real world, you’re living the American dream! What makes Read More