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Category: Wicker Furniture

Patio Furniture: Which Style Best Suits Your Space

Posted August 7, 2017
When shopping for outdoor furniture, keep in mind that not all patio furniture is made alike. Outdoor furniture comes in a wide range of materials such as wicker, cast aluminum, aluminum, recycled plastic, and PVC to name a few. It ...Read More

Best Outdoor Coffee Tables for You

Posted July 13, 2017
Raise your hands if you love drinking coffee! Isn’t it great to wake up in the morning knowing that you will again drink a hot cup of goodness that is coffee? Just the thought of its bittersweet aroma is making ...Read More

Balcony Furniture You’ll Surely Love: Wicker

Posted July 10, 2017
Having your own balcony oasis gives you the pleasure of enjoying the fresh air and sun while having your morning coffee. During the afternoons or evenings, it lets you have a relaxing spot to read your favorite book or just ...Read More

Wicker Furniture: Why It Never Goes Out of Style

Posted July 7, 2017
Wicker outdoor furniture has always been one of the most sought-after types of outdoor furniture. Ever wondered why that is?   Wicker has been used since the ancient times, going all the way back to the Egyptians. If you are ...Read More

5 Important Benefits of Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

Posted July 4, 2017
Ah… the beauty of aluminum. Some people tend to take this material for granted, but if you own anything that is made of aluminum, you would know why there are many people who invest in it.   The properties of ...Read More

Which Outdoor Lighting Should You Have?

Posted May 16, 2017
Your outdoor space may be beautiful during a bright and sunny day, but how does it look when it gets dark? Does your amazing space disappear, too? The right kind of lighting will lend your space with a warm glow ...Read More

Patio Umbrellas and Why You Should Own Them

Posted May 12, 2017
Have you always dreamed of spending nice afternoons or warm evenings outdoors? Some people are held back by the fact that they do not have sufficient outdoor roofs or awnings to provide them with shade. However, that simple concern should ...Read More

What to Expect When You Invest in Luxury Patio Furniture

Posted May 9, 2017
More and more people are seeing the advantages of having a beautiful outdoor living space, so naturally, we are now presented with more beautiful and sturdier furniture than we used to have years ago. And because homeowners now see the ...Read More

Timeless Classic Series: Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Posted May 6, 2017
So you are thinking of getting new furniture for your outdoor space. You ask around and you almost unanimously, people tell you to get polyethylene wicker furniture. Naturally, you want to know more about it. Well, you came to the ...Read More

Top Picks on Long-Lasting Outdoor Furniture

Posted April 25, 2017
If you are going to invest in outdoor furniture, you might as well invest in GREAT pieces. Other than increasing your home’s value or creating a relaxation spot in your own backyard, outdoor furniture does more than these things. You ...Read More