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Category: Wicker Furniture

Which Outdoor Lighting Should You Have?

Posted May 16, 2017
Your outdoor space may be beautiful during a bright and sunny day, but how does it look when it gets dark? Does your amazing space disappear, too? The right kind of lighting will lend your space with a warm glow ...Read More

Patio Umbrellas and Why You Should Own Them

Posted May 12, 2017
Have you always dreamed of spending nice afternoons or warm evenings outdoors? Some people are held back by the fact that they do not have sufficient outdoor roofs or awnings to provide them with shade. However, that simple concern should ...Read More

What to Expect When You Invest in Luxury Patio Furniture

Posted May 9, 2017
More and more people are seeing the advantages of having a beautiful outdoor living space, so naturally, we are now presented with more beautiful and sturdier furniture than we used to have years ago. And because homeowners now see the ...Read More

Timeless Classic Series: Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Posted May 6, 2017
So you are thinking of getting new furniture for your outdoor space. You ask around and you almost unanimously, people tell you to get polyethylene wicker furniture. Naturally, you want to know more about it. Well, you came to the ...Read More

Top Picks on Long-Lasting Outdoor Furniture

Posted April 25, 2017
If you are going to invest in outdoor furniture, you might as well invest in GREAT pieces. Other than increasing your home’s value or creating a relaxation spot in your own backyard, outdoor furniture does more than these things. You ...Read More

Perfect Outdoor Furniture for Your Porch

Posted April 19, 2017
A home’s exterior can say a lot about its owners – and you do not want any negative connotations when it comes to your home. This is why it is important that you pay attention to how your home looks ...Read More

Best Outdoor Furniture for Outdoor Parties

Posted April 13, 2017
Some people love throwing outdoor parties in spring, while others prefer doing it in summer. With high-quality outdoor furniture, it doesn’t matter which season you prefer to host outdoor parties, you can do anytime!   To throw the best outdoor ...Read More

Wicker and Cast Aluminum: A Closer Look

Posted April 7, 2017
If you own outdoor furniture, you must be familiar with these two most known types: cast aluminum and wicker outdoor furniture. There are, of course, differences between the two and each has its own outstanding features.   Cast Aluminum Cast ...Read More

Perfect Spring Outdoor Furniture

Posted March 10, 2017
Springtime… what’s not to love? Are you excited for the many outdoor parties you will be having? Are you looking forward to entertaining your family and friends for a barbecue afternoon or a wine night? We certainly are excited for ...Read More

Why Wicker is Better than Steel Patio Furniture

Posted February 25, 2017
So you have finished building the patio of your dreams. All it needs is a set of beautiful outdoor furniture. Your friends might suggest that you get steel furniture, but if you are going to do your research, you will ...Read More