Wicker Furniture: Make the Switch

Posted June 29, 2016
There have been several speculations as to which outdoor patio furniture is the best one to invest in. While there are different kinds of materials to choose from, one of the more popular choices would be: wicker patio furniture.  As ...Read More

Improve Your Outdoor Living Space Easily

Posted June 23, 2016
Your patio is one of the first things that your guests would notice upon arriving at your doorstep. This is also the place where you welcome your guests so having a welcoming vibe is important. Making sure that your patio ...Read More

Save Money, Invest in Quality Outdoor Furniture

Posted June 16, 2016
Some people think that buying expensive outdoor furniture is not a practical thing. However, that is where some people are wrong. Investing in high quality outdoor furniture, in truth, saves more money. How is that possible, you might ask?   ...Read More

The Different Kinds of Outdoor Furniture

Posted June 15, 2016
Some people believe that furniture pieces are all the same – furniture is just furniture anyway, right? Well, that’s not true. For this article, we will be focusing on the different kinds of outdoor furniture. Yes, the ones used indoors ...Read More

Fun Summer Activities for the Whole Family

Posted June 9, 2016
The sun is out and you should be, too! In the world we are living in today, kids and teenagers (even adults, too) spend a lot of time on their electronic gadgets that they’d rather stay inside all day. That’s ...Read More

Best Pool Patio Furniture to Have This Summer

Posted June 8, 2016
Summer is the perfect time to gather your family or friends and spend some time by the pool. While it’s important to make sure that snacks and refreshments are sufficient, your seating options matter, too! Here are some pool furniture ...Read More

The Safety of Your Children in Your Patio

Posted June 2, 2016
Just as important as it is to childproof your home, it is also important to keep your patio kid-friendly. Having a child-friendly patio promotes safety and it would also encourage your kids to spend more time outdoors. Nowadays, kids spend ...Read More

Keeping Your Outdoor Living Space Private

Posted June 1, 2016
Some people enjoy spending time outdoors where the air is fresh, and the scenery is beautiful. Just imagine if you can enjoy that same fresh air and beautiful scenery right at your own outdoor living space! If you want that ...Read More

Summer Fun in Your Own Backyard

Posted May 29, 2016
If you have an outdoor living space, then you are lucky! You don’t have to spend a fortune to get out and about this summer – you have all the space to have your family fun right in your very ...Read More

Landscaping: Why It’s Important

Posted May 27, 2016
Have you ever heard the expression, “First impressions last”? This can be applicable when talking about a home. There’s nothing like pulling up to a beautiful house without a landscape. With that said, landscaping is one of the best investments ...Read More

Keep the Kids Busy at Home This Summer

Posted May 23, 2016
Have you ever felt the desire to just stay at home and spend the day just relaxing on your own private outdoor living space? As much as you want to spend your day off indoors, your kids would want to ...Read More

Be a Great Host at Your Own Party

Posted May 20, 2016
Hosting a party sure is fun but it is not as easy as you think! Other than making sure everything is prepared and well-organized, you still have to be fun and engaging while the party is ongoing. Here are some ...Read More

Choosing Your Outdoor Pool Furniture

Posted May 16, 2016
If you have your own pool at home, you are sure to use it often especially during summertime. There is also a great possibility that you will be hosting a few pool parties for family and friends. It is important, ...Read More

Your Best Patio Furniture Options

Posted May 13, 2016
Choosing the right type of outdoor furniture is not as easy as 1, 2, 3 if you know nothing about the different types of outdoor furniture. It’s not a smart move to choose the first outdoor furniture that you would ...Read More

Prepare for Summer: Buy Quality Patio Furniture

Posted May 6, 2016
Everybody loves spending time outdoors especially during summertime. Make your summer better by investing in quality outdoor furniture that is designed to last through all kinds of seasons, and will last for many years. Here are some points as to ...Read More

Throw the Best Summer Outdoor Party

Posted May 2, 2016
Who doesn’t love summer? Summer is the best time to play outdoors, bask under the sun, and throw great outdoor parties. Instead of going out-of-town, maximize your own outdoor living area for a great time with family and friends. Here ...Read More

The Beauty of Cast Aluminum Furniture

Posted April 30, 2016
Don’t you just love spending time on your outdoor living space? The open air sure is relaxing after a long day’s work, and the quietness of your own space is just a joy to have. Isn’t it better if you ...Read More

Why Outdoor Lighting is Important

Posted April 28, 2016
Spring is here and summer will be in a few months. We all know that the warmer weather brings longer days – perfect time for those outdoor house parties and BBQ get-togethers! Entertaining people takes more than just providing good ...Read More

The Benefits of Factory-Bought Furniture

Posted April 25, 2016
The quality of outdoor furniture is, by far, more significant than its price. For things that we use on a daily basis (furniture, cellphones, cars, etc.), it is important that we choose a brand with an established name in their ...Read More

Customer Satisfaction: Money-Back Guarantee

Posted April 18, 2016
You might notice that a lot of stores focus on providing good customer service – basically to enhance sales. However, customer service does not end when a purchase has been made. A money-back guarantee is also called a satisfaction guarantee. ...Read More

Customizing Outdoor Furniture

Posted April 11, 2016
Your outdoor living space is an extension of your house’s interior. Whatever design or style you want your to outdoor have, it should still reflect your personality. There are several ways on how you can customize your outdoor furniture. Here ...Read More

Eco-Friendly Patio Furniture for You

Posted April 7, 2016
With all the environmental issues mankind is facing today, a lot of us are leaning more into eco-friendly products and services. We see it happening everywhere – go-green slogans, reminders and innovations. Outdoor furniture is no exception. Over the past ...Read More

Keep Kids Busy During a Party

Posted April 4, 2016
Family gatherings are fun and memorable for adults, but not so much for the young ones – unless you know how to keep them busy and entertained! Here are a few suggestions for the next time you will have to ...Read More

Throwing a Great Pool Party

Posted April 1, 2016
Summer is a few months away – are you planning on throwing a pool party? Well, then, this blog will definitely be helpful to you. Here are some things you need to keep in mind so you can pull off ...Read More

Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space This Spring

Posted March 28, 2016
Spring is an ideal season for home improvements. You should take this opportunity to upgrade your porch, patio and decks – so that when summer comes rolling in, you’ll just sit back and relax despite the heat. This is also ...Read More

Come Home to a Relaxing Outdoor Living Space

Posted March 25, 2016
Having a small backyard has its downsides and upsides. It doesn’t take as much money to hardscape, landscape and design the space, but you definitely need more creativity to be able to incorporate all elements you want into such a ...Read More

Beautify Your Outdoor Living Space

Posted March 21, 2016
It doesn’t matter if you have an expansive backyard or a limited outdoor living space, what’s important is that you know how to make your outdoor space charming and comfortable-looking. It has become popular among homeowners to improve outdoor living ...Read More

Giving the Gift of Outdoor Furniture

Posted March 18, 2016
Are you attending a wedding this spring? Are you planning to give your parents a random thank-you gift for being awesome folks? Want to surprise your husband or wife with something useful? Maybe it’s time to give these special people ...Read More

Why You Should Invest in Quality Outdoor Furniture

Posted March 14, 2016
Whether you enjoy spending time on your outdoor living space reading a book, or hosting a fun dinner for family and friends, you should be investing in quality outdoor furniture. The right furniture can surely make a get-together comfortable or ...Read More

Great Poolside Patio Furniture Fabrics

Posted March 7, 2016
When buying outdoor furniture, you should pay close attention to the fabric you are choosing. The right ones are sure to withstand any of the weathers and outdoor elements. If you choose the right fabric the first time, you will ...Read More

Host a Spring Party at Your Own Backyard

Posted March 4, 2016
In celebration of the arrival of spring, you can host an outdoor BBQ party for your family and close friends or neighbors. Make the most of your spring event by planning ahead! Here are some tips on how you can ...Read More

Outdoor Furniture: Wicker Vs. Wood

Posted March 1, 2016
Choosing outdoor furniture items might be a challenging task because there are different types to choose from. There is a wide variety of both natural and manufactured materials. Furniture buyers are looking for outdoor furniture that would last for years ...Read More

Outdoor Furniture: Choosing Aluminum

Posted February 25, 2016
Planning to improve the overall appearance of your outdoor space? There are several ways on how you can do just that. Some homeowners want to maintain a garden because it’s relaxing to them and it adds life to their outdoor ...Read More

5 Décor Ideas for Your Front Porch

Posted February 25, 2016
It is important for homeowners to keep their front porches well-maintained and welcoming. Why? This area is basically your connection point with the rest of the neighbourhood. People’s first impression of you might have something to do with your front ...Read More

5 Tips on How to Choose Outdoor Flooring

Posted February 25, 2016
Choosing your patio flooring is just as important as choosing the right furniture to give the perfect look to your outdoor space. Whether you have a large or a more compact space, the flooring you choose can greatly affect the ...Read More

5 Ways to Restore Old Furniture Pieces

Posted February 25, 2016
Outdoor Furniture: Proper Maintenance and Storage Outdoor furniture requires more attention and care compared to indoor furniture only because the former tend to be more exposed to changes in weather. There are different types of outdoor furniture and each type ...Read More

Buying Outdoor Furniture: Dos and Donts

Posted February 25, 2016
Designing your porch or patio might seem like an exciting project. If you do make the right choices, you are bound to see beautiful results. However, choosing the right outdoor furniture is more than just knowing what designs you want. ...Read More

3 Romantic Outdoor Dining Ideas for the Love Month

Posted February 25, 2016
February is known worldwide as the ‘love month’. People from all around the world are cooking up romantic plans and surprises here and there for their loved ones. Restaurant reservations are sure to be overflowing, as well as theatre and ...Read More

How to Have a Comfortable Patio

Posted February 23, 2016
A great patio is inviting, attractive and most importantly, comfortable. With the right choices of outdoor items such as furniture, accessories, flooring, and more, you are sure to attain a fantastic patio that you can share with friends and family. ...Read More

The Beauty of PVC Fabrics

Posted February 23, 2016
Back in the 1920s, Waldo Semon, a scientist, developed polyvinyl chloride a.k.a. PVC. It gained more popularity in the 1950s-1960s. It has been used in a wide variety of products (from pipes to clothes). PVC fabric is being used today ...Read More

Why Should You Buy Cast Aluminum?

Posted February 23, 2016
Cast aluminum is another popular material used to make out outdoor furniture. Aluminum patio furniture is often made of welded tubular frame pieces. Cast aluminum, on the other hand, is solid all throughout – making it much heavier. However, even ...Read More

Spring Cleaning: Outdoor Furniture

Posted February 23, 2016
Spring is slowly approaching, are you ready to do some spring cleaning? Maintaining outdoor furniture might be a tedious task for some. That’s why here in Palm Casual, our products are designed in a way that will make cleaning and ...Read More

The Benefits of Having Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Posted February 23, 2016
These days, wicker furniture is getting more popular in the outdoor furniture industry – despite it being around for many years. If you are eyeing an upgrade for your patio, a set of wicker furniture will definitely give your outdoor ...Read More

The Perks of Having Outdoor Furniture

Posted February 23, 2016
Some people fail to see that having outdoor furniture is beneficial. However, if you’re the type of person who enjoys spending time outside – whether alone or with a few friends, then you would find a lot of great reasons ...Read More

Small Patios: Choosing the Right Furniture

Posted February 23, 2016
Having a great patio has to do more with making the right choices than having just a large space. Regardless of your patio space, if you are able to have the right furniture, then a comfortable patio experience is expected. ...Read More

Decorating Your Patio For Winter

Posted January 29, 2016
Just because it’s snowing outside doesn’t mean your patio has to give in to the winter blues. With the blistering cold, we know you can’t use your patio well over the winter but you there are some steps you can ...Read More

Ways to Keep Kids Busy During a Party

Posted January 22, 2016
Kids can be a handful, wherever they may be. This makes socializing a tad bit more difficult than it used to be. We know parents crave mingling too that is why we have curated some of the best tips to ...Read More

Patio Resolutions for 2016

Posted December 29, 2015
Hopefully it’s been a great year for you and your patio and as the calendar resets it’s important to think back to the good times had and look forward to the better times on the horizon.  If we make resolutions ...Read More

Tools for Cooking Outdoors

Posted December 24, 2015
There are few things nicer than well-grilled piece of meat.  Cooking outside has long been both a call to humanity’s earliest tradition and a recognition that sometimes the old ways are best.  That said, there are plenty of new ways ...Read More

Great Gifts for Your Patio

Posted December 17, 2015
Every holiday season we give lots of gifts to others and sometimes they can be nearly impossible to buy for.  This may seem unlikely, but they may feel the same about you, so why don’t you give them a list ...Read More

Planning an Outdoor Holiday Party

Posted December 10, 2015
Here in Florida we may not have the beauty of a snowy landscape but we do something better:  warm weather!  That means not having to throw on boots and a big heavy coat every time we leave the house and ...Read More

Great Patio Themes to Spice Things Up

Posted December 3, 2015
Patios are made to be comfortable, but maybe the design of your patio is getting a little too comfortable.  It’s time to change things up to give a new feel to your patio, deck, or outdoor space.  A great way ...Read More

Decorate Your Outdoor Space For The Holidays

Posted November 30, 2015
The happy holiday season is just around the corner and that means time to break out your best holiday decorations to show your festive spirit, t'is the season to be holly, after all! While more and more people are learning ...Read More

Hot Tub 101: Get Together Etiquette

Posted November 23, 2015
A hot tub may not raise the value of your home but it sure will add to your enjoyment of your backyard! Though a good soak is a great way to unwind all year round, when the weather starts to ...Read More

Outdoor Design Trends For 2016

Posted November 16, 2015
Out with the old and in with the new! With Christmas around the corner, it may not be the best time to start planning your patio renovations, but it's never too soon to start dreaming! From natural aspects to things ...Read More

Best Fabric Choices For Outdoor Furniture

Posted November 9, 2015
Whether you're planning on reupholstering your current set or looking to pick out something new, there's a few things you should consider about fabric for outdoors. Namely, what will work best for you. First and foremost, any fabric you choose ...Read More

4 Ways To Bring The Heat To Your Backyard

Posted October 28, 2015
It might be getting chilly out but that doesn't mean you have to move the party indoors just yet. With all the time and effort you've invested in getting your patio just the way you like it, shouldn't you get ...Read More

Give Your Patio The “Green” Treatment

Posted October 26, 2015
Your outdoor space is your sanctuary, and your design should reflect and respect your love and appreciation of the natural world beyond your walls. Opting for patio furniture that is eco-friendly is a sound investment in your home and the environment. ...Read More

Fright Night – Stay Safe This Halloween

Posted October 19, 2015
Black cats and Batmans and Elsas, oh my! When princesses and superheros and monsters come out to play, it must be Halloween. Whether you're taking the kids out trick-or-treating or hosting a Halloween bash, we want this lighthearted evening to stay ...Read More

October Gardens – What To Plant Now

Posted October 12, 2015
With crisper winds and cooler nights, October marks the start of the dry season in Florida. The bigger storms are fewer and far between, and the chance of rain peters out. No matter the size of your backyard space, break out ...Read More

4 Outdoor Flooring Options

Posted October 5, 2015
When designing your patio, you might get distracted by furniture and barbeque pits, but before you even get to that point you have to start from the bottom up. On the top of that list? Your flooring. There are many ...Read More

The Best Lighting For Your Patio

Posted September 30, 2015
Planning your patio or considering an upgrade? Shed some light on it! From paving stones or brick to furniture layout and which plants you use for ground coverage, don't let lighting slip your mind.  Depending on the size of your ...Read More

The Best Landscaping Tips For Fall

Posted September 24, 2015
In the midst of kids heading back to school and fall weather just around the corner, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your lawn is in tip top shape for spring. While Floridians may not have ...Read More

How To Care For Your Natural Stone Table Top

Posted September 21, 2015
Natural stone is a beautiful, rustic addition to any patio space, but while stone is durable and can last for ages, it is also porous and susceptible to staining and damage, unless maintained properly.  Normal wear and tear, even the ...Read More

5 DIY Games To Play Outside

Posted September 7, 2015
Summer may be on its way out but there's still plenty of time to enjoy the backyard. When the kids are home from school, for a small patio party or even an end of season blowout, try one of these ...Read More

How To Make Your Patio Space Child-Friendly

Posted August 28, 2015
When talk turns to patio design, it's easy to get caught up in the process. From fabric and materials to layout and accessories, the devil is in the details, and even families with kids can forget the backyard is for ...Read More

3 Classic Outdoor Décor Options

Posted August 21, 2015
As more and more families extend the use of their homes beyond their four walls, creating an outdoor space that works and looks great is more than just smart landscaping. Don't get bogged down in the details – for a ...Read More

How To Create Shaded Spaces On Your Patio

Posted August 7, 2015
Beautiful furniture, hardy plants, and pops of color – your patio is perfect, but it's missing one thing. Shade! Bright sunlight is fun for a while, but more than 15 minutes of unprotected exposure can be bad for your skin, ...Read More

Which is the Right Fence Style for Your Patio?

Posted July 28, 2015
That ideal fence can provide the functional and aesthetic design appeal to improve a patio area. But making the choice on which product to select can be challenging for those with little understanding on the factors involved and the products ...Read More

How to Spice Up Your Patio This Summer

Posted July 1, 2015
The patio space is a deeply personal area of the home. It requires a unique touch to ensure the space offers the level of customized appeal homeowners require for the long-term. With the peak of the summer weather now here, ...Read More

Tampa, Clearwater, Bradenton

Posted June 30, 2015
Palm Casual has been a leading provider of Patio Furniture in the Tampa, Clearwater, and Bradenton areas for over 25 years!  We look forward to continuing our service to these locations with the addition of our new Aluminum factory.  With ...Read More

Best Furniture to Place Around a Fire Pit

Posted June 29, 2015
The garden fire pit is an outdoor design feature that is back in style this season. And thousands of homeowners are now reviewing their fire pit furniture options to create a comfortable environment in which to enjoy the fire’s warm ...Read More

Summer’s Four Hottest Patio Trends

Posted June 15, 2015
For those looking to expand the value of their property and keep up with the neighbors and friends, it’s important to analyze the latest trends. The patio designmarket is growing increasingly quickly in 2015, and within this post our team ...Read More

Add Container Gardening to Your Patio

Posted June 11, 2015
Container gardening is now one of the most popular trends in the local region. Thousands of homeowners are now capitalizing on this trend to grow vegetables and plant flowers in their patio spaces. Within this latest post, we’ll highlight several ...Read More

New Orlando Location – Coming Soon!

Posted June 9, 2015
We are excited to announce that we will be opening our newest and 4th Orlando location next month!The new store will be offering our customers the ability to shop for new styles in our factory showroom and also have their ...Read More