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Palm Casual News and Updates

Keeping Your Patio Furniture Clean

Posted October 13, 2014
A home’s outdoor furniture speaks to a homeowner’s sense of style and commitment to property maintenance. Oftentimes, however, property owners fail to care for their patio furniture and allow it to become ruined by the elements over time. Creating a ...Read More

The Benefits of Having A Shaded Area In Your Yard

Posted October 1, 2014
Many Florida homeowners are now looking at methods of bringing shade to their yard space. While the bright sunshine attracts millions of visitors to the state each year, Floridian homeowners are often in need of a little break from the ...Read More

Finding the Right Patio Furniture for You

Posted September 26, 2014
The industry’s leading patio furniture brings great comfort to homeowners while enhancing the outdoor area of their property. However, without experience within the furniture industry, it can be difficult for homeowners to decide on their perfect patio furniture. Here, we’ll ...Read More

Tips for Being a Great Party Host

Posted September 22, 2014
As the warmer weather begins to wind down, thousands across the country are planning their next get-together with family and friends. For those who are inexperienced in hosting an occasion, the challenge of playing host can be daunting, despite the ...Read More

Fun Summer Ideas to Do This August

Posted September 15, 2014
It’s the peak of the summer season and residents across the country are now headed outdoors to take in the bright sunshine and create memories with family and friends. Most are looking for ways to enjoy the warmth while it’s ...Read More

How A Patio Umbrella Can Benefit You

Posted September 8, 2014
When you're searching for a patio furniture set that best suits your yard, does it matter if it includes an umbrella? Perhaps you should consider purchasing a patio furniture set that includes one, or at least provides you with the ...Read More

Should You Get Cast Aluminum Furniture?

Posted September 1, 2014
Are you a fan of cast aluminum patio furniture? With a regal, sophisticated look, many people are drawn to cast aluminum furniture. These popular patio sets can also really compliment your property, due to the wide variety of classic designs ...Read More

Ways To Unwind In Your Backyard

Posted August 25, 2014
During the summer season, your backyard has the potential to be one of the most frequented areas on your property, especially when the sun is shining brightly and it's "too hot" to waste the day indoors! You should embrace your ...Read More

Important Tips For This Summer

Posted August 18, 2014
Barbeques. Cocktails. Pool parties. Sunscreen. Beaches. Family gatherings. These are just some of the things that encompass the summer season! It's an ideal time to take it easy and enjoy the outdoors, while having some fun with your friends and ...Read More

The Positives Of Pipe Furniture

Posted August 11, 2014
Have you ever considered purchasing pipe furniture? This intriguing variety is a popular patio furniture selection, due to its appealing, contemporary look. Also referred to as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipe furniture, they have a myriad of great benefits. After all, ...Read More