12 Tips for Designing a Beautiful Outdoor Living Space

outdoor living space

An outdoor living space lets you bring the breathtaking outdoors into your home. It provides more space for relaxing and entertaining guests, boosting property value.

However, an attractive open space goes beyond selecting outdoor furniture. You must also consider its purpose and what you want to add to the area. 

From selecting the best outdoor furniture to creating a fire pit, here are 12 tips to help create an inviting outdoor living space.

1. Consider Your Outdoor Space’s Purpose

Before buying outdoor furniture and other unique additions, you must always determine your living space’s purpose. Ask yourself if you want to use it for hosting dinner parties or barbecues and how many guests you usually entertain. You should also determine if you’ll use it to relax and if you need to make it a kid or pet-friendly space. 

2. Plan the Layout

Landscape architects advise homeowners to consider the outdoor space’s layout as much as they do with their home’s interior. You can create a natural flow from inside to outside your home by having a sensible floor plan for your outdoor space. For instance, you can place the outdoor dining area near your kitchen.

3. Experiment with Your Surroundings

You can arrange outdoor seating for the best views and use hedges or screens to block unwanted sights. You should also look beyond the property’s boundaries to see how it fits into its surroundings. 

4. Ensure Maximum Comfort

You must shade your outdoor area to make it more comfortable if it receives plenty of sunlight in the afternoon or early evening. You can protect it from the elements using umbrellas, pergolas, covered patios, and trees. 

5. Determine Your Outdoor Space’s Exposure Levels

Landscape design experts say the direction facing an outdoor space will dictate how you use it. For instance, north- and east-facing areas can be too cold for comfort during summer and unusable during winter. 

6. Watch Out for the Wind Patterns

Observe the wind direction and when it blows throughout the day. Certain areas may have still winds in the mornings but have a regular night breeze. This step will help you avoid creating a seating or dining area directly in the wind. 

7. Select the Best Plants 

Adding boxwood, agaves, and aloe plants can help create a low-maintenance outdoor living space with privacy. 

8. Invest in the Right Outdoor Furniture

Your outdoor furniture choices are crucial for creating a comfortable and enjoyable space. Consider the activities in the area and pick items that are durable and easy to clean for outdoor use. Moreover, you can choose small, movable tables for snacks and drinks. Additionally, you can personalize your home’s exterior by incorporating colors and designs that reflect your interior style. 

9. Consider Hardscaping

Experts recommend mixing surfaces to create an attractive and comfortable backyard patio, such as flagstone, decomposed granite, large boulders, and wood decking to create a beautiful and comfortable backyard patio. This tip will create a pleasant atmosphere while providing enough hard surfaces for your outdoor furniture. 

10. Add a Water Feature 

Adding water features to your outdoor space can enhance relaxation. You can also use natural water sources like a lake, ocean, or a nearby brook to create a beautiful and calming atmosphere. 

11. Incorporate the Appropriate Lighting Choices

Adding lighting to your outdoor space can extend your home, illuminate cooking areas, and create visual interest. You can also add safety lighting to steps and pathways. 

12. Create a Fire Pit

Besides adding storage for blankets and supplies and comfortable seating, you can create a cozy outdoor space by investing in a fire pit. 

Final Thoughts

Your outdoor space’s design can significantly impact how you spend your time with nature. You can create a more inviting space for everyone by considering your needs and finding the appropriate outdoor furniture. 

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