3 Classic Outdoor Décor Options


As more and more families extend the use of their homes beyond their four walls, creating an outdoor space that works and looks great is more than just smart landscaping. Don't get bogged down in the details – for a functional space that is always in style, consider including these décor options in your patio plans:

Water Fountains & Ponds

Turn your backyard space into a sanctuary by adding a fountain or pond. Timeless and classic, not only will the right water feature will create interest in your backyard, it will encourage wildlife and also offer a relaxing retreat from the hustle and bustle of the world beyond your front door.

With so many designs and styles available, you should have no trouble finding a style to complement your garden or patio, though the most popular styles tend to be modern and classic. Working with space constraints? Opt for a smaller fountain or pond made up of concentric vases, which add vertical interest to your area.

Make the most of your outdoor water feature with creative lighting, like underwater lighting, which can also add to the calming, therapeutic effect that can relieve stress and anxiety.


If you think tacky garden pieces when you think wicker, think again, because this durable material is enjoying a comeback. Timeless and classy, wicker is versatile, sturdy, and a perfect addition to your outdoor living space. Typically made of rattan, a sturdy vine that grows in tropical areas, bamboo or reed, wicker is also considered environmentally friendly.

Classically designed wicker furniture can go with any style, especially when painted in neutral colors and paired with simple, stylish fabrics.

Explore our  selection of wicker patio furniture here.

Fire Pits or Chimney

When the weather is wonderful, you can't help but want to spend time relaxing on your amazing patio. You don't have to disappear inside as soon as warm summer days give way to cool autumn evenings. Add ambiance and warmth to your deck or patio space with a chimney or fire pit.

While there are dozens of classic and study styles available on the market, many homeowners choose to build their own fire pits, which can suit any rustic aesthetic. The DIY Network provides these simple, easy-to-follow instructions on creating your own fire pit – click here.