3 Romantic Outdoor Dining Ideas for the Love Month

Outdoor dining

February is known worldwide as the ‘love month’. People from all around the world are cooking up romantic plans and surprises here and there for their loved ones. Restaurant reservations are sure to be overflowing, as well as theatre and park dates. If you do not like to join in all the busyness of Valentine’s Day, you might want to just celebrate in peace at your very own backyard!

Here are three romantic outdoor dining ideas that you can prepare for you and your special someone to share:

Keeping it Cozy

Though the fire of your love is burning, the season might still make you feel a little chilly. If the weather refuses to cooperate on the actual night, you might want to enjoy the view from the inside. If you have a large window overlooking the outside, you might want to position your table near that window. You can make it a cozy setting by placing fuzzy rugs underneath to help keep your feet warm. Make sure you have just enough candles lit for that warm and intimate feel. You might also want to throw in extra throw pillows for you and your loved one to sit on or just lean back on while enjoying a scrumptious dinner. Throw in a couple of red and white balloons for that Valentine-y touch. Don’t forget a bottle of red or white wine, and some dark chocolates to complete the occasion. Petals of red roses won’t hurt, too.

Bringing the Love Outside

If you and your loved one are comfortable with eating outside despite the cold weather, set up an intimate setting on your backyard or patio. Make the place as romantic as you can get. Bring out your portable speakers and have your favourite playlist ready – complete with tracks that will help you in remembering your love through the years. As always, candles, a bottle of wine, and roses are always a part of this special day. For additional warmth, you might want to put up a bonfire a few feet from your dinner table – if you have sufficient space.  You might want to dress up, too, as if you’re eating in a fine dining restaurant. It makes things a little more interesting.

Camping-Style Celebration

If the weather permits, you might want to celebrate this special day by doing it camping-style. If you own a tent big enough for the two of you, set that up on your backyard, place a bonfire a few feet away from the tent and make your own special ‘love fort’. Portable speakers can also be a good choice, but if you do play the guitar, you might want to keep one handy for a sweeter measure. You can share cups of hot chocolate and make s’mores after your tasty dinner. You might also want to prepare a cocktail bar with different liquors such as peppermint schnapps, vanilla vodka, or any other of your preference.