4 Ways To Bring The Heat To Your Backyard

It might be getting chilly out but that doesn't mean you have to move the party indoors just yet. With all the time and effort you've invested in getting your patio just the way you like it, shouldn't you get to enjoy it for as long as possible?

Sure, you can pull on a sweater or offer chunky blankets to guests, even laying down an outdoor rug will make your space feel warmer. But if you really want to bring the heat to your next outdoor get together, try these heating options on for size:

Heat Lamps

For heating larger spaces and keeping guests toasty warm, patio heaters are an excellent solution. You've probably already seen the free-standing mushroom-shaped heaters on restaurant and pub patios, and there are a handful of varieties and styles that run on propane, gas or electricity, that are efficient and effective enough to warm up your small outdoor space.

You can also opt for an infrared heater. Generally powered by electricity, they tend to heat more efficiently than propane or gas models. You can find them in either free-standing or “attachable” formats that can be hooked to deck railings or umbrella stands for smaller, inconspicuous heating options.

Fire Pits / Fire Places

There's nothing more romantic and comfy than curling up around a crackling fire to stay warm. And outdoor fire feature makes a great gathering spot, offering that cozy intimacy while still letting you enjoy the beauty of nature. Go all out by designing and building a rustic fireplace, or opt for simply adding a cast iron or modern fire pit. Whatever you decide, there are countless options to suit your budget and personal style.

Heated Flooring

Having heated patio floors has to be the ultimate in outdoor luxury. Radiant heat warms the floor and distributes an even, no-draft heat that is perfect for warming you from the toes up on those chilly nights. Outdoor patios and pathways can be fitted with either traditional hydronic (water) radiant heating systems, or electrical heating systems.

Homeowner Bonus: Heated floors save homeowners in colder climes that annoying chore of clearing snow – when you raise the surface temperature above 38 degrees, snow and ice conveniently melts away!

Hot Tubs

Nothing says party like HOT TUB! Okay, we'll stop being creepy. But seriously, installing a hot tub is a great way to kick back and enjoy your patio space year round. Not only is a good soak one of the best ways to relax after a long, hard day, it's also great for your health and overall well being.