5 Décor Ideas for Your Front Porch

It is important for homeowners to keep their front porches well-maintained and welcoming. Why? This area is basically your connection point with the rest of the neighbourhood. People’s first impression of you might have something to do with your front porch. The style you give your porch reflects your personality, and you want to give people a good impression, if not the best. Keep in mind that the most important thing is to know what you’re using your front porch for. Some people might misuse their porch by turning it into a storage room full of unused junk that they refuse to keep inside the house.

Here are some improvements that you can give to your porch to make it more appealing not just to you, but to all the passers-by as well:

Doors are Portals

If you think that your outdoor space is too small, that’s okay. You don’t need to have many accessories or outdoor furniture to make it look more appealing. You just have to choose the right paint for the walls and ceiling. If you are painting your outside walls, make sure that you choose colours that pop – red, deep purple, orange, etc. Paint the door with a high-gloss coat of paint to make it look more elegant. You might want to add a sculptural door knocker to add more flair. If you are into arts, you might also want to hang a canvas printed on aluminum to last the different kinds of weather.

Tend to Broken Parts

One other way to ensure that your outdoor space maintains attractiveness is by repairing the parts that are broken or have seen better days. Don’t leave the chipped paint unnoticed. If you are missing some parts of your railings, don’t let those be. Make the time to tend to those worn out parts of your space. Once you’re done improving those areas, you might want to add outdoor furniture and other outdoor accessories to it.

Dress It Up

It’s fun to decorate an outdoor space given that you have an idea how to. It’s not just about going to stores and selecting sets you think look good. If you have a roomy outdoor space, you can avail a loveseat or a sofa that holds two people, and one more solo chair. Keep in mind that the largest piece of furniture should face outwards and the other smaller pieces should be the ones grouped together if you want to have a living room-like setup. As for accessories, artwork pieces would be perfect. You might also want to throw in colourful rugs and bright outdoor pillows.