5 Different Ways to Get Shade on Your Patio

Spending lots of time outdoors is not only relaxing and fun, but it’s also healthy. This is why more and more people have transitioned toward an outdoor lifestyle in recent years. Because of this, patio space, and patio furniture has become increasingly in demand.
However, as lovely as it feels to enjoy time in the warm sun’s rays, just like anything, too much sun can become unhealthy. This is why it is absolutely essential to create shaded spaces in your patio area. By doing so, you will be able to spend more time enjoying your lovely outdoor space – without risking your skin’s health.
Here are five fun and creative ways to create shaded space on your patio:

1. Canopy Awnings

Canopy awnings are an attractive way to create shaded areas. They are also wonderful for adding dimension and style to any outdoor patio area.
These attractive and functional structures can easily be placed above seating areas, outdoor kitchens, or any other frequently used space to provide much rate needed relief from the warm rays of the sun.

2. Large Umbrellas

Large umbrellas are a versatile and stylish alternative to canopy awnings.
Umbrellas add a lovely sense of dimension to a patio area. And, they can be moved as needed, so they are a great option for those who prefer a more flexible design style.

3. Table Umbrellas

In addition to a larger shade structure, it is a good idea to have some smaller table, or mobile, umbrellas on hand. This will allow you to accommodate extra guests and give you flexible use of your space.
Don’t be shy to experiment with color and design. Smaller more mobile pieces are a great way to add your own personal stylistic touch to any outdoor living area.

4. Adjustable Screens

Adjustable screens are not only sleek, visually appealing, and flexible, but they will also save you tons of money compared to pricier retractable awnings.
In addition, a huge perk of choosing adjustable screens is that they are mobile, so they can be moved around to suit your every need.

5. Curtains

An ingenious and fashionable way to create shade and character in an outdoor patio area is through the use of outdoor curtains.
Not only is this a great excuse to have fun with color and design, but curtains can be easily opened or closed to create as much light as you want. Try attaching them to an outdoor lattice or a shade structure to create separation between the living area and other areas of the patio.
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