5 DIY Games to Play Outdoors

Father and two sons playing in the park.

There’s always plenty of time to enjoy the backyard. When the kids are home from school, for a small patio party or even an end of season blowout, try one of these fun DIY games on for size!
Giant Jenga
You don’t need much to play the giant version of this party classic, just some 2×4 boards cut into 48 10 1/2 pieces, though technically you can have them cut to any length you’d like. You can do that part yourself or you can have them cut at your local home improvement store.
Make sure you sand the edges so they slide smoothly along each other, and you can seal them if you plan to leave them outside, or store them in a garage or basement where there’s enough moisture to keep them from warping. For instructions, check out this blog post by A Beautiful Mess.
Yard Twister
Young or old, who can say no to a good game of Twister? Here’s a version you can create directly on your lawn. Big or small (depending on the size of the hands playing), customize your board to any size using ground marking spray that won’t damage your grass and will grow out within a few weeks. Find detailed instructions on Instructables.
If you’ve got the space, why not set up a croquet course? A simple game for two to four players, the object is to hit the ball(s) through the course of six hoops in the right sequence in each direction and finish by hitting them against the center peg. The side that completes the course first with both balls wins. Learn how to play croquet with these detailed instructions on Wooden Mallets.
Cornhole Game
A nationwide barbeque favorite, this simple game takes as little effort to build as it does to play. A piece of plywood and some two by fours is all you need. These instructions from This Old House might help as well.
Lawn Yahtzee
Another giant version of a popular board game, huge dice make Yahtzee that much more fun. Simply put, the object of the game is to roll the dice for scoring combinations and get the highest score! Check out The Pinning Mama for how to create giant dice, and get game play instructions from Hasbro.
We hope you were able to find a game that you and your family would like. To make things more interesting, you should try them all! Have fun playing!

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