5 Fresh Outdoor Décor Ideas

Outdoor aesthetics can play a critical role in the ambience of a home. The backyard space acts as an area in which families can spend time with one another as well as host social gatherings. Therefore, it’s important that the space be continually enhanced to ensure it matches the current décor of the home and meets a range of needs. Here, well provide an overview of 5 fresh outdoor décor ideas all families can enjoy.


1. Plant Fragrant Flowers Close to the Deck

By planting flowers such as jasmine and hydrangeas in their garden areas and close to the deck, homeowners can significantly enhance their backyard space. The aroma from the flowers will help improve those lazy weekend afternoons spent reading a book on a deck chair.

2. Add Stylish Linens to Older Patio Furniture

It doesn’t have to be expensive to update patio furniture. Many of the leading patio furniture specialists now offer materials that feature contemporary designs, which give the appeal of newer items without the expense involved in purchasing an entire new patio set.

3. Build a Fire Pit for Additional Evening Warmth

An outdoor fire pit is the perfect addition for families as it provides a place to toast marshmallows and warm the cool air during those cold fall and winter evenings. It’s an addition that can provide year-round enjoyment of the outdoor living space.

4. Use Shrubs to Re-Create Traffic Patterns

Most yards have an established walkway which homeowners and guests will use in the area. An important element of any fresh outdoor space re-design is recreating these traffic areas. Homeowners can use shrubs to establish walkway borders on their lawn and patio areas.

5. Use Tabletop Items to Add Color and Texture to the Outdoor Space

Simple tabletop items such as vases and containers can enliven any outdoor living area. It’s important these items are kept primarily on higher tabletops, out of reach of children and animals. Functional items such as vases offer a great way to freshen the outdoor area on a regular basis with new flowers.


There are many simple ways homeowners can make a lasting impact on the design of their outdoor living space. Use the tips outlined in this article to add a new and vibrant appeal to your home. To learn more outdoor decorating tips, speak with one of our in-house experts today!

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