5 Tips for Maintaining Patio Furniture

Depending on the quality of your patio furniture, it may be vulnerable to deterioration when left out over several days. Elements such as sunshine and rain can distort some furniture material. And so it’s important for homeowners to understand how to protect their furniture against the elements and achieve an optimal maintenance regimen that can be applied over the long-term. In this blog, our team will provide their insights with five tips for expert maintenance of patio furniture.


1. Cover Items When Not in Use

The most effective method of protecting outdoor furniture is to ensure it’s completely covered when not being used. Use specially designed patio furniture covers to ensure that the material is well-protected and try to keep furniture in the upright position to ensure that rain water drains off the cover rather than accumulating.

2. Use Pressure Washers to Remove Tough Stains

Pressure washers are a handy piece of equipment to have for most household cleaning and maintenance tasks. They can help clean most wicker and wood furniture products but should be used on a low setting to prevent material damage. After cleaning, let the furniture air dry completely to ensure optimal results.

3. Store Cushions Inside

Just one rainstorm can ruin those expensively bought patio furniture cushions. Therefore, it’s important to keep cushions inside in an area where they won’t be affected by sustained water impact over a period of time. If cushions have already been impacted by the rain, try to clean and dry rain-soaked cushions immediately to prevent warping of the material. For weather resistant cushions that can be left outside, consider Sunbrella patio fabric. Sunbrella’s high quality fabric gives it the strength to withstand the elements and you the freedom to enjoy outside worry free!

4. Use Protectant on Wood Furniture to Prevent Cracking

Wood furniture can be prone to cracking, especially in dry climates. It’s important for homeowners to use a quality protectant, such as an outdoor varnish to keep the material looking its peak best.

5. Use Silicone Lubricants on Hinges

Chair and table hinges may become stiff over time, which can easily lead to challenges opening and closing furniture. Homeowners can use silicone lubricants to make sure furniture opens and closes with ease over many years. It’s important to try and avoid oil-based products as they can attract dirt.


Through an effective furniture maintenance regimen, homeowners can ensure their outdoor items retain their aesthetic and functional performance over many years. To learn more on effective maintenance procedures and the all weather patio furniture, speak with one of our trusted furniture experts directly!