A Guide to Using Stone Elements in Your Newly Designed Yard Space

Stone elements are now helping homeowners across the region craft their ideal person space within their backyard. Traditionally used for pathways and borders to garden areas, stones are now being harnessed to achieve unique design appeal. And within our latest post, we’ll examine several expert tips on using stone elements in a newly designed yard space.

Irregular Patterns Create Organic Appeal

The organic or natural look is one that homeowners across Florida are now searching for within their patio spaces. And patio designers can achieve this style simply by giving their flagstone elements an irregular pattern. Rather than place the stones side-by-side, each connecting to one another, simply place the stone at an irregular angle to the next one. This will highlight the natural shape of the stone product. Homeowners can fill the gaps between the stones using smaller stones or soil products.

Curved Concrete Patios can Seamlessly Blend within the Landscape

Most homeowners favor a seamless design appeal over a patio space that has been obviously put together for a specific design objective. As part of this process, concrete pavers can be used to blend with the landscape. There is a growing trend for curved concrete patio spaces that take the shape of the exterior lawn space. These types of patios only tend to be squared off where they connect with a walkway or doorway area.

Use Color Carefully to Maintain Design Style

Colorful stone products can help provide an engaging design aesthetic within a yard space, but it’s often important to limit the amount of color used within patio stone designs. That’s because colorful items can quickly increase the cost of the newly formed patio area. Smaller patio spaces often also look better when a limited number of colors are used.

Discuss Maintenance Processes with a Specialist Ahead of Time

When buying new stones for a patio space, it’s important to speak with the specialist selling the products ahead of time to analyze potential care challenges. For example, homeowners should discuss ways to minimize weed growth and how to protect the stone against chipping issues before they complete the purchase.

By following the latest design style guides offered by the professionals, local homeowners can quickly and simply integrate high performance stone products in their patio spaces. To learn more, contact our trusted experts directly!