Balcony Furniture You’ll Surely Love: Wicker

Women legs reading a book in the balcony with the sunset light

Having your own balcony oasis gives you the pleasure of enjoying the fresh air and sun while having your morning coffee. During the afternoons or evenings, it lets you have a relaxing spot to read your favorite book or just simply chat with your loved ones.
It doesn’t always have to be filled with things you no longer use such as old bikes, household stuff or other items.
Regardless of the size of your home’s balcony, you can still make it as appealing as you want. It can still be your most favorite spot at home! How? Let us tell you…
Right Décor
Any place, room or space can look beautiful given the right décor. If you have a small balcony, make sure you choose just the right things and avoid cramming everything into a small space. If you have a bigger one, then make sure you have even spacing to make it look not too crammed nor too empty.
Here are some of our best picks when it comes to wicker outdoor furniture your balcony can surely have:
#01. Wicker Club Chair
If you are after simple yet classy outdoor furniture, then this club chair from our Relax Collection is for you! It doesn’t require too much maintenance and it provides you with desirable comfort perfect for those quiet times alone or if you just want to catch some fresh air after a long day’s work.
#02. Wicker Swivel Glider
Another great outdoor furniture for your balcony is this swivel glider from our Island Collection. Just like the club chair, it provides you that utmost comfort like no other when you want to contemplate on life or if you are in the mood for just admiring the outdoors.
#03. Wicker Love Seat
This balcony furniture is perfect for you and your loved one. As the name suggests, a ‘loveseat’ provides comfort for two people. This is perfect for those intimate evening talks or those lovely morning conversations with coffee. Not only does it provide great comfort, it also adds beauty to your balcony.
#04. Wicker Recliner
This balcony if perfect for those lazy weekends spent at home wherein you just want to lounge for hours. It is also ideal for catching the first rays of the sun in the morning before another busy day at work. You will surely enjoy having this at home!
Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs as we give our best picks for other types of outdoor furniture. Found something you like? Check out our website today for more collections to choose from!

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