Bug-Free Outdoor Feast? Check This Out!

Feast of beer, meat skewer and crayfish. The top view on the group of people who dine outdoors.

It’s kind of hard to enjoy lunch outdoors with your family if there are bugs trying to share your meal or even try to have you as their meal! If you understand what usually attracts outdoor insects and you know how you can repel them, you can definitely enjoy those amazing brunches or dinners without being interrupted by pesky bugs.
Flies, Please Fly Away
Blowflies and bushflies can easily make themselves a nuisance at every outdoor meal you have. The problem really is how they like the same food as you do, so they usually invite themselves to your gatherings. What you should do is to make your patio, garden, or pool area unattractive to flies before you serve lunch or dinner. It is recommended that you have rubbish bins with lids and that you empty those bins on a regular basis. Also, make sure that your drains and septic tanks are properly sealed and without damage. If you have pets, make sure that you clean after them, too. By doing these, you can cut down the number of flies in your outdoor space significantly.
Bye-bye, Blood-Suckers!
Don’t you hate it when your supposedly fun activity outdoors is ruined by the constant nipping of mosquitos? It’s a sure way to make your guests leave early. But more than just being annoying, those mosquitoes are also dangerous as they bring with them a number of serious diseases that include Dengue fever, Murray Valley encephalitis, and more. Does that mean you should just stay indoors? Not at all! You can control mosquitoes by destroying all their breeding grounds near your home. The first thing you should do is make sure there is no standing water. Pots, pails, and other containers that you have outside should be emptied every time it rains. Water that comes from drains, gutters or leaking taps should also be addressed. Put lids on your tanks and drains, too.
Stay Away Stingers!
Whenever you’re out, you should keep an eye out for wasps and bees, especially if you have children. It is also important that you can tell the difference between the two. Bees usually just sting when they are threatened, and often travel in swarms. They rarely stay in one area for more than two days. Wasps, on the other hand, can sting repeatedly even when they are not threatened and they tend to be aggressive. Wasps like the same drinks and food that you do. They also like to build nests in holes in the walls, the ground, or in retaining walls. Keeping your patio and outdoor area clear of any food scraps and fallen fruit can discourage wasps from building their nests near your home.
It is always a good idea to keep your food and drinks covered when you are eating out. If possible, keep your food under wraps until everyone is ready to eat. You can also invest in bug repellents and citronella candles, which are especially effective for repelling mosquitoes.

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