How Cast Aluminum Furniture is Made

How Cast Aluminum Furniture is Made

In the last decade or so, cast aluminum has become the go-to material of choice for patio furniture. For families who enjoy spending time in their gardens and yards as much as they can, then investing in high quality cast aluminum furniture is a smart decision. Not only does cast aluminum have that classic and intricate look, it is also sturdy enough to withstand the kind of climate we have.


Cast aluminum furniture is known for its light weight that makes it easy to be moved around or even into a shed or garage during extremely cold winters. Despite that weight, it is still sturdy enough not to be blown over when the winds get stronger. It also won’t rust like other metals and are virtually maintenance-free.


So how exactly is cast aluminum furniture made?


As the name implies, this furniture is made from a specific type of metal (aluminum) which has gone through a casting process. In a nutshell, cast aluminum may be created using different processes like mould casting, die casting, or sand casting.


The first step in making cast aluminum furniture is making a pattern which is usually carved in detail in wood. A molding box is then made to receive the pattern. The bottom half of the said box is filled with casting sand and the pattern is then pressed into the sand. After that, additional sand is added on top of the pattern and a tight lid is attached. This box is turned over and the pattern is carefully removed. The box is close, and then the sand is allowed to dry to form the mold.


Once that is done, the same box is filled with liquefied aluminum alloy. It is set aside until the metal is cool enough and sturdy enough. Once it reaches that stage, sand is removed to reveal a rough casted part. This is then sanded. Know, however, that there will be imperfections but these imperfections lend that hand-crafted and classic look.


Finally, every piece of furniture is then either welded or bolted together from different cast parts. High-end manufacturers of cast aluminum outdoor furniture like Palm Casual smooth and sand those welds to create a seamless look.


Cast aluminum patio and garden furniture like the variety of collections we have at Palm Casual ensure that every family can choose to enjoy their outdoor living space without worrying too much about their furniture’s upkeep.


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