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Category: Outdoor Flooring

Choosing the Best Outdoor Flooring for Your Outdoor Area

Posted October 1, 2018
Selecting your outdoor flooring is just as important as picking the ideal furniture to provide the ideal look for your outdoor living space. The outdoor flooring that you select will considerably influence the overall outdoor experience that you will have, ...Read More

Updating Your Outdated Patio Furniture

Posted April 7, 2018
Since patio furniture is designed to sit outside and potentially be exposed in direct sunlight most of the time, it is highly likely for it to have developed some wear and tear after a long period of time. So, if ...Read More

5 Tips on How to Choose Outdoor Flooring

Posted February 25, 2016
Choosing your patio flooring is just as important as choosing the right furniture to give the perfect look to your outdoor space. Whether you have a large or a more compact space, the flooring you choose can greatly affect the ...Read More