Choosing Your Outdoor Color Scheme

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When you are purchasing furniture for your home’s interior, you probably consider the room’s current color scheme when you are choosing the upholstery and other materials. How about when you are shopping for your outdoor furniture? Do you also think about color and style?
Your patio or deck, as well as your garden or pool area, are a part of your living space, too. So making sure that your outdoor space allows you to relax and even entertain guests is very important. To achieve that, you need more than just choose pieces of furniture that you think look nice. You have to take note of important design elements like the color scheme. After all, the color scheme that you choose sets the mood for that area.
A Cozy Dining Spot
If you have a limited floor space, then you should follow the either/or rule. So if you want bright furnishings, you should keep cushions, rugs, and other accessories really simple. And if you choose to go with neutral shades for the furnishings, accessorize with some pops of color. For instance, if you have a small patio or balcony that would be perfect as a dining spot, you can choose chairs in bright colors like red, green, blue, or orange to add instant flair without having to add much more for color. Limit your accessories to the simplest ones you’ll find so the space won’t feel crowded.
On the other hand, if you would rather accessorize with colorful cushions, vases, or tablecloths, then you should choose classic furniture colors like black, white, or tan.
A Serene Space
If you’re thinking of having a relaxing outdoor retreat for those afternoons when you just want to sit back and read a good book, then you’d do well with neutrals and earth tones which look great in daybeds, lounges and comfy chairs. Materials like wicker and rattan add to the laid-back ambiance you are going for. You can add cushions and throws in complementary prints and colors, too.
A Perfect Party Place
If you’re looking forward to hosting a party for your family and friends every now and then, you’d do well to go for fun colors that can lift the spirits. Do you have a pool? Then why not follow a nautical color scheme for the area? Include white, Mediterranean turquoise, blue, and red and you’ll instantly give your guests a “seashore” feel. Choose neutral colors for furniture for your patio or deck and add interest using tropical colors and large prints.
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