Come Home to a Relaxing Outdoor Living Space

Having a small backyard has its downsides and upsides. It doesn’t take as much money to hardscape, landscape and design the space, but you definitely need more creativity to be able to incorporate all elements you want into such a small space. You might not believe it but a small backyard can still become a relaxing outdoor living space.
Here are some helpful tips on how to pull that off:
Outdoor Rooms
For small spaces, you might want to consider having a function-specific room rather than creating a function area for larger events. You might not be able to pull off a large dining or cooking area, but you can definitely pick your most favorite room (or its function) and use your outdoor living area to expand this particular room. For example, you can cook your food indoors and then serve the food out on the patio on a warm spring day. You can even turn it into something simple such as a reading room where you can enjoy a good book with fresh air.
Use Decorative Stones
Some homeowners design their small backyard space by foregoing grass lawn and use the natural color and texture of decorative stone materials. You can place these materials around garden beds – use them as fillers between your patio and walkway to create a pathway. Stone garden accessories also make a great focal point for small outdoor spaces such as bird baths, sculptures and water features.
Keep It Simple
For smaller spaces, it’s best to also use smaller features – smaller plants, water features and sculptures, among others. You may also use smaller pieces of outdoor furniture – thin frames and small bodies make a space feel larger. It’s also best to reduce the clutter. Make sure that you have the best view of your yard for the longest or widest dimension.
Add Soothing Sounds
You might consider adding a tabletop water feature or you might also install a wireless sound system for your MP3 or iPod player so you can play relaxing music while you enjoy your outdoor space. This works best when you are coming home from a long day’s work or when you’re entertaining some guests. Soothing music is bound to make anyone feel relaxed no matter how big or small the space is.
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