Cool-Off at Your Own Patio This Summer

Pink lemonade with lemon, lime and strawberries

As fun as it is to be able to bask under the sun’s glory, shade becomes more valuable during summer. People still prefer to have some shade instead of being exposed to direct sunlight all day long. Many people become frustrated because they can’t enjoy the outdoors – even their own outdoor living spaces! No need to worry! We have rounded up some helpful tips on how to have more shade:



This quick fix can make a major difference in your backyard during the warmer months. When it comes to choosing an umbrella for your backyard, the choices are limitless. You have to put into consideration the size of your outdoor living space. Would one umbrella be enough or would you need at least two or more?


When choosing an outdoor umbrella, you must opt for the sturdy ones – these ones last for years! Not only will the material be blocking out the sun, you also do not have to change it once in a while. Here at Palm Casual, we have a great collection of high-quality outdoor umbrellas. Check them out today!



This form of shade can yield years of shade benefits for you and your family. Awnings are sturdy and generally waterproof. They are known for providing large amounts of shade for your yard. Awnings, however, are more of an investment as compared to umbrellas.


Like umbrellas, awnings also come with different decors – depending on your personal preferences. Some awnings even come with the functionality of retracting – this helps avoid possible damages that can occur due to changes in weather.



Well, of course, trees are still the best provider of natural shade! It is never too late to plant a tree. If you do not have any trees on your outdoor living space yet, then it’s high-time you start planting one! As daunting as this task might seem, many people who have planted trees in their backyard for the purpose of adding shade are happy with their decision.


Keep in mind that trees are low-maintenance alternatives and they also offer other benefits (such as having fruits, etc.), depending on the type of tree you will be planting.


Covered Porches

Having a covered porch for your backyard is a substantial investment for shade. If you add a covered porch to your yard, you can definitely customize it to your liking. You can have a small or a big one, and you could choose everything about it – from the flooring to the roof.


You can also add other elements such as a fire place or a grill – the options are limitless!