Creative Ideas to Make Your Patio Spooky

Closeup portrait, scary orange halloween jack o'lantern pumpkin sitting on sidewalk, isolated green trees and grass background. October 31st trick or treat

If there is one instance when it’s perfectly okay for your yard, porch, and doorstep to look unkempt and abandoned, it’s Halloween. This is especially so if you are aiming for that creepy and haunted house look this year. So don’t get rid of those fallen leaves in your front yard just yet. Let them add to your home’s scary air.


Here are some decorating ideas to achieve a spooky look for your home:



These creatures of the dark make for a spooky décor that is also easy to make for a really simple art project, you can trace the shape of a bat on felt and cut it out. You can use this cut out as a model for all the other bats, though, it would be more realistic to have them in different shapes. Place them strategically on your door, posts, and walls.



If fall has rendered some of your trees bare, why not make the most of them this Halloween? Bare branches are the perfect perch for LED lit lanterns, faux black crows, and sheer cloth ghosts. To be safe, make sure that your branches are sturdy enough to hold the items you’re placing.



What could possibly more creepy for those with arachnophobia than giant spiders crawling (or in this case sticking) on your walls all over your home? These toy spiders are inexpensive yet effective for turning a blah façade into a scary one.



Your Palm Casual furniture may look too comfy for Halloween. Give it a touch of spook by seating a life-size skeleton on one end of your couch. Let its bony fingers point the way to your home’s entrance. You can add fake cobwebs on the skeleton to make it more realistic.



Do you have a too wide front yard or lawn that you do not know what to do with on Halloween? Why not turn it into a spooky graveyard for Halloween? You can have DIY projects with your kids – create tombstones from cereal boxes or any suitable material you can find at home. Ask your kids to think of crazy names to write on the tombstones. You can use LED candles to illuminate the tombstones before kids in the neighborhood go trick or treating.

Decorating is part of what we love most about Halloween. Whether you go for just cute and spooky or downright scary, make it an enjoyable experience by doing it with your little ones! Don’t forget to look at the awesome collections of patio furniture here at Palm Casual to add to your outdoor living space!