Creative Ways to Keep Warm in Winter

Close-up of marshmallows roasting in campfire

It is easy for us to enjoy outdoor living any month of the year but when the winter comes in, it can make outdoor entertaining a bit less comfortable. One of the primary concerns regarding outdoor entertaining during the colder winter months is how to keep the guests warm.
Here are some ways to heat outdoor living areas to make certain gatherings more enjoyable for you, your family, and your guests no matter what winter brings:
Invest in fire pit furniture.
Fire pits are generally more affordable when it comes to patio heating. It also provides the perfect spot for family and friends to gather together, swap stories, and celebrate special occasions.
Here at Palm Casual, we offer high-quality fire pit furniture that will definitely be a great addition to your outdoor living space. Check out our collection today.
Have patio heaters installed.
You might have attended an event wherein there were tall, freestanding heaters fuelled by propane. They might not be the most attractive addition to your patio but those portable heaters do their job well. They help put out a good amount of heat to keep small areas warm.
Patio heaters come in standing, hanging or tabletop options. If you are willing to spend more money, you can actually purchase some attractive options that look more like floor lamps. If you have electric space heaters available, those can be used, too.
Add a rooftop and curtains.
This might take a few weeks to be done but a roof over the patio helps contain heat in the cooler months. Once your patio is covered, add patio curtains to help keep in the heat.
You may choose to avail outdoor curtains or roll-up bamboo shades – they also help block the wind and add privacy to your patio. Just make sure your curtains are kept away from your fire pit furniture to avoid a fire hazard.
Make use of blankets and cushions.
If you are planning on having an outdoor movie night with family and friends, distribute throw blankets for additional warmth.
To make their stay more comfortable, make sure you have cozy cushions for your guests to sit on. Here at Palm Casual, we have what you need. Check out our collections today!
Serve hot beverages, hotdogs and marshmallows.
Hot drinks such as hot chocolate, spiced apple cider, hot toddies or flavoured coffees help keep your guests warm. Roasting hot dogs or marshmallows also provide both fun and warmth to family and friends – give them reasons to gather around the fire!
For serving such delicacies, you will need high-quality patio furniture that can withstand all kinds of weather. Here at Palm Casual, we also offer such items. Don’t forget to visit our website today!

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