Cutting Out The Middleman- A Business Model That Benefits The Customer


When it comes to patio furniture, many customers will quickly tell you that the quality of the product is more significant than the price of it. For something that you use on such a regular basis, such as patio furniture, it's very crucial to select a brand that's an established name in the industry. One of these names is Palm Casual, a company that started off as a small family business in 1979, and has truly blossomed since then. Their customers hold this reputable company in high regard, since they have a creative way to offer their quality patio furniture to the public at a great price!

Cutting Out The Middleman- A Business Model That Benefits The Customer

We have listed some of the ways that Palm Casual's business model benefits all customers below:

-By selling directly to the public, they effectively cut out the intermediary and pass the savings on to you! This Florida-based company manufactures most of their reliable, high-quality patio furniture products at their factory showrooms. This is how they're able to offer their extensive product line at wholesale prices.

-Palm Casual's factory showroom locations can also provide customers with the services that they need! Instead of dealing with a "faceless" company, Palm Casual can effectively service your patio furniture in-person!

-This respected patio furniture manufacturer strives to please their customers, and offers them a money back guarantee!

If you're seeking an established, reputable company that directly offers their customers some of the highest quality outdoor patio furniture that you can find, you should look no further than Palm Casual! Originally established in 1979, this small family business has effectively expanded to the point that they now have 11 factory show rooms in Florida alone! They even offer their high quality furniture from a new location in South Carolina! They have a huge variety of models available, including cast aluminum furniture (unlike cast iron furniture, it doesn't rust,) wicker furniture, aluminum furniture, and pipe patio furniture. By providing some of the best service you can find in the industry, while also selling their patio furniture selections directly from each factory showroom, it's easy to see why customers rave about this Florida patio furniture source! If you want to learn more about Palm Casual, check out