Decorating Your Patio For Winter

Just because it’s snowing outside doesn’t mean your patio has to give in to the winter blues. With the blistering cold, we know you can’t use your patio well over the winter but you there are some steps you can take to make for a more cozy space.

Bring the holiday cheer outside.

What better way to bring holiday cheer to your patio than by decorating! There are a lot of sustainable design ideas available online that can help you do just that. Make use of wreathes, hang Christmas ornaments and give your patio an instant facelift!

Snowy trees are always trendy for the holidays so think about installing a second Christmas tree outside and watch nature do the decorating for you.

The winter can drab down your patio so bring in colour to liven up the space. Use bright reds and greens or decorate according to your home’s chosen holiday colour scheme to revive the space.

You can even go as far as painting some of your pots in bright colours and turn them into bold and inexpensive décor pieces.

Set the right mood with soft lighting.

Adding soft lighting to any space instantly sets a relaxing mood. String lights and fairy lights are fairly inexpensive and can do wonders in breathing life back to an otherwise drab space.

There are also a variety of lanterns you can choose from that can add character to your patio. Choose a style that can encompass the holiday season, as these are more permanent additions you have to live with.

Use fake flowers – and tons of them.

Who doesn't like a good floral centerpiece? No one. Making your own floral centerpiece can be a great family activity you can do indoors. Fake flowers are very low maintenance and they can stay as pretty as they are for longer despite the cold.

When making your own arrangement, go as lavish as you can and let your imagination run wild.

Don't forget to clean.

Of course, the key to a great outdoor space is proper maintenance. When the weather is not as bad, take the time to clear the snow to prevent the cold from penetrating your wooden floor and clean as much as you can. Nothing says sad faster than an ill-kept patio.

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Decorating during winter can be pretty daunting due but can be very rewarding. Not only does it add to your home’s overall appeal but also makes for a more welcoming scene to come home to at the end of the day!