Different Outdoor Furniture Styles You Should Have

Outdoor furniture comes in different styles – buyers usually look for style, comfort and affordability. For this article, we give you some suggestions on stylish, low-maintenance furnishings you should have for your backyard, patio, porch or pool.



Your outdoor living space is just as important as the interior of your home. Your personality should reflect on your choices in outdoor furniture and other accessories. If you want that tropical-vibe all year long, you should invest in wicker patio furniture. This type of outdoor furniture serves its purpose no matter what the temperature is.


You also do not have to worry about its style being out dated because wicker patio furniture is appreciated by people all around the world, no matter what the year is. It is not only beautiful to look at but it will also provide you great comfort – whether you are reading a book, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate, or just having intimate conversations with loved ones.


Deck and Patio

Fill your outdoor dining area with a sturdy table and chairs and you will turn it into an agreeable outdoor room. Choose a table that is large enough for your family and a few drop-ins. Outdoor chairs should encourage lingering – you can add cushions to make them more appealing.


When choosing the perfect outdoor furniture for this area, aluminum designs are the sensible choice. Aluminum is inherently rustproof and durable. Aluminum is a lightweight, long-lasting material that can stay out all year round – no matter what the season is. In addition to that, it requires little upkeep. Make sure to choose ones with UV-resistant powder coat finish – an insurance against oxidation.



Porches are known to be the home of summer activities such as hanging out or snoozing. With that in mind, the porch calls for furnishings you and your family (or guests) can really sink into. It also needs outdoor furniture that will not fall asleep on the job and disappoint. Even though porches are partially covered, they are still exposed to the elements of nature.


Wicker is the traditional choice for porches. Here at Palm Casual, our wicker patio furniture is made of synthetic woven material so you do not have to worry about the elements of nature wearing it down. It has the ability to weather both the damp and the cold.



When looking for the best pool furniture, you should look for ones that can be easily repositioned so if you have guests that are sun lovers or shade seekers, they can find the right spot as the day progresses. Wheeled chaises are a great choice because they can be easily and silently rotated. Recycled plastic patio furniture is one of the best choices for poolside furnishings.


When it comes to fabrics, you should go for PVC fabrics as they are mildew- and fade-resistant. Go for light-colored fabrics since those absorb less heat. Do not forget to invest in umbrellas as they provide great shade especially when the sun seems hotter than usual.


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