Enjoying Your Outdoor Living Space This Winter

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Now that it’s winter, are you still enjoying your outdoor living space? You might have been busy with the holiday preparations and you forgot to prepare your outdoor living area for winter, but it’s never too late to maximize its use.


Here are some easy tricks you can do to optimize your porch and patio for the remaining months of winter:


Keep Warm

The key element for you to enjoy your outdoor living area despite cold temps is to have a good source of heat. What better to warm up any outdoor living area than to have an outdoor fireplace or fire pit furniture, right? You can easily gather around fire pit furniture with your family and friends and plan other activities this winter. Not only will a fire feature add warmth to the chilly air but it will also serve as a social hub as well as a focal point for your outdoor living space.


Outdoor kitchens are also ideal – you can generate extra heat from your grill or wood burning oven as you cook a great family dinner! If you have a smaller outdoor living area, you can try installing a small gas or wood-burning fire pit for warm and intimate seating areas for your guests to enjoy. If you already have fire pit furniture, make sure to not let it go to waste. If you need to have fire pit furniture, check out our available products today!



Now that you have established a good source of heat for your outdoor living area, the next thing to concern yourself with is keeping it where you want it. You can also have gazebos, pavilions or covered porches – these are ideal for retaining the heat coming from your outdoor fireplace or fire pit furniture. You can also optimize your heat retention by adding some heavy curtains or hardscape panels along the sides of your pergola or porch. Not only will this help prevent heat from escaping, but it also adds a cozy and sleek touch to your outdoor living area. You can also try using outdoor fabric or landscape materials that can take winter weather conditions so your investment looks its best all year long. Just make sure to keep the fire away from your curtains – the last thing you want is a fire hazard.



After everything, you can now add chilly weather items to your outdoor living area such as throw blankets and outdoor rugs. You can also add extra high quality cushions for your guests to use.


When considering outdoor furniture, avoid buying steel patio furniture as it holds the cold much longer. Stick to materials such as wicker and recycled plastic – make sure to add cushions for insulation on extra chilly evenings.


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