Fall Backyard Activities for You and Your Family

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Can you feel it? Can you feel those crisp and clear sunny days? Can you visualize those vibrant colors? We surely can! There’s just so much to see and explore during this time of year such as new colors, textures and treasures from fields and even your own garden.  Fall is a season filled with energy and excitement. If, like us, you enjoy playing outdoors in the fall, then these great backyard activities will surely be fun for you and the rest of your family!
Scavenger Hunt
This activity can be as easy or perhaps as elaborate as you choose. What you have to do is hide items in your yard and have the kids try to find them. If you have a few kids available, you can have them all work together to find the hidden items. You may choose to use existing things in your house, or you can choose to buy new ones for this particular activity.
Potato Sack Race
Sack races became popular back in the 1800s, and surprisingly, they are still a hoot today! If you have old burlap socks or large and sturdy pillow cases for younger participants, you are good to go! You can also try three-legged races if you do not have sacks available.
Chalk It Up
You can purchase a box of chalk just about everywhere (try grocery stores). A cheap investment that can definitely provide hours of fun for both kids and teenagers! Let the younger ones draw their Picasso-inspired impressions on the driveway, and let the older kids play hop scotch or tic-tac-toe!
Obstacle Course
If you want to involve your children in more physical activities, then the concept of having an obstacle course right at your own backyard is perfect! Activities such as walking or hopping along a garden hose, walking with a ball between their knees, crawling under outdoor furniture, jumping through hula hoops are great! You just have to make sure that the course is safe from any hazards and suitable for the participants’ ages.
Your kids will definitely enjoy hours of fun, creative play with a sandbox! There are certain types of brightly colored, animal-shaped sand structures that your children can play with. You may also choose to build your own sandbox by using a kiddie pool and availing some sand from your local hardware store.
Reading Time
If you have a teenager that loves to immerse in books, then you need to make sure that you have a great lounge chair that he or she can use during reading hours. It is very enjoyable to read your favorite book while sitting down an ultra-comfy lounge chair! Your teen is not the only one who can enjoy this luxury!
Fun Cocktails
When the children are tired, the adults can now gather round and have some fun for themselves! Make sure that you have the right outdoor furniture items to ensure a fun and comfortable night for you and all your guests!
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