Fashionable Looks for Your Outdoor Living Space

It doesn’t matter if your outdoor living space is spacious or compact – you have to take advantage of the open air by creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere that fits your taste. Here are some themed concepts that you can use for your own patio featuring Palm Casual’s very own outdoor furniture pieces and sets:

Relaxing Retreat

winding bay

If you enjoy having a quiet time for yourself on weekends, just reading a book and sipping a cup of hot chocolate – then you need this look for your outdoor living space. It promotes warmth and comfort that will sure to make you love spending weekends at home. You can also have guests over for a nice chat and just share the relaxing feel of it all.

Al Fresco Dining

kona dining set

What better way to dine during the spring and summer other than outdoors? For a change in setting, you can always enjoy the warm breeze with your family by serving your lunch or dinner in your own backyard! If you are planning on breaking some great news, this setting is also ideal.

Eco-Friendly Lair

recycled outdoor furniture

Let your love for the environment reflect your outdoor furniture and go for our recycled plastic items. You are not only being an advocate to nature, but you are also making a practical choice! Recycled plastic outdoor furniture provides comfort as well as durability that will let you keep your furniture for many years.

Earthy Sanctuary

outdoor furniture

If you are fond of natural colors, this look just might work for you. Choose the right wall and floor colors to go with the natural tone you like. This look will make you feel warm even during the colder months. It also gives your outdoor living space a look of simplicity and elegance.

Warm Haven

wicker furniture

Enjoy catching up with your friends while enjoying the comfort of this look. Dark colors paired with vibrant ones exude a feeling of warmth and coziness. You can snuggle up to your significant other or your kids and spend some quality time together any time you want.

Enticing Meeting Place

outdoor furniture table and chairs

Are you working from home? If you have to meet potential clients or if you are simply having lunch or dinner with your colleagues, this setup might be a great choice for you. This style offers comfort while promoting professionalism. You can definitely have hours and hours of conversation while enjoying your favorite cups of tea or coffee.


These are just some suggestions on how you can have your outdoor living space done or arranged. At the end of the day, your choices matter so let your creativity run wild! For more collections of great outdoor furniture, check out Palm Casual. We might have just what you are looking for.