Fun Outdoor Activities for Spring

Child with daisy eyes, on green grass in a summer park.

Springtime is fun – flowers are in full bloom, the sun is shining warmly, and spending time outdoors sure is entertaining! If you are looking for some springtime fun for your family, then continue reading for some fun suggestions!


Utilize your outdoor living space by doing these spring activities with your family:


Have a picnic.

Nothing rings in springtime like going on a picnic with the whole family! There are many gorgeous days during spring – go outside and savor the sun’s rays with your kids! Make sure to prepare tasty meals and refreshing drinks for everyone to enjoy.


Oh, and don’t forget that big blanket!


Blow bubbles.

You might miss those times when, as a kid, you enjoy the simplicity of going outside and blowing bubbles, trying to pop all of them one by one. Well, you’re in luck; spring is the perfect time to do this! Let your kids experience the fun of blowing and popping bubbles themselves.


Let them take part of spring cleaning.

The family that cleans together has more fun together! When you are going to do your spring cleaning this year, do not forget to include your children. If you cannot entrust them with the usual household chores, assign something that they can handle such as their toys. Have them throw out anything that they do not use anymore. This allows you to get rid of unnecessary clutter and at the same time, you are also teaching them how to give value to things that matter and things that need to be thrown out at some point.


Throw balls.

If you have kids who keep throwing balls inside the house, then now is the perfect time to join in on the fun while taking it outdoors! Have a game of catch, toss or kick the ball with your kids. You can also try setting up a game of air golf. This can be done by tossing medium-sized balls through hanging wire hangers. Bend the hangers in a circle and hang them from trees or other outdoor objects. Just like golf, the player with the lowest score wins.


Bask in the rain.

When spring showers strike, have your family wear their rain gear and head outdoors for some fun rainy day outdoor activities. You can challenge your children to see who can splash around the yard the fastest. Make it more exciting by letting them advance by pouncing in puddles only. You can also have some muddy fun with them by creating some mud pies.


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