Fun Outdoor Activities for the Whole Family You Should Try

Children enjoying in making soap bubbles outside

Anytime is the perfect time for an outdoor fun with the family, don’t you agree? Coming up with fun activities and games to play together can just make the whole experience even more enjoyable! If you want to turn your backyard into your own private amusement park, then we are here to help you out:
For this game, what you can do is create a game of lawn twister by spray painting circles onto your lawn in order to create a life-sized replica of the famous board game. Spray paint four rows of six horizontal dots in red, green, blue and white – just like in a Twister board!
It will be easy for your family members to maneuver on the soft grass and this variation will definitely leave your family laughing all day as they twist and tumble!
This can easily be done with just some pieces of cardboard or cork and some cans of spray paint! What you need to do is make sure that you have even pairings of cardboard or cork, and spray paint them with two of the same shapes. Once you have spray painted all the pieces, place them upside down on your lawn and make sure to do so in a random order! Have fun seeing which of your family members have the best memory of this fun game.
Who doesn’t love playing Jenga, right? WE SURE DO! Now, in order to have a large replica of this classic game, you just need some large wooden blocks. This game works best with wood blocks sized 14in. x 4in. x 4in. This is best suited for the older kids. This game is fun because it might be a little difficult to strategize on a larger scale, making your family members use their brain power!
You can create a fun game of tic-tac-toe that the whole family will surely love. By using a large sheet, create a tic-tac-toe board with colored tape. Be sure to divide the sheet into nine equal squares and use a stone to weigh down each corner. Instruct each family member to toss the disc to claim a position on the board. As trivial as it might seem, this game requires real skills and precision throwing!
If you have old bottles at home, then you will certainly love this game! Grab those old bottles and fill them with a bit water – just so they have some weight to keep them in place. You can even paint the bottles to make them seem like the classic bowling pins, making the game more realistic. You can also personalize the bottles by attaching images of each family member to a pin! If you are going to play this game at night, then make it more fun by adding glow sticks inside the bottles.

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