Fun Summer Activities for the Whole Family

Books and sunglasses on a beach

The sun is out and you should be, too! In the world we are living in today, kids and teenagers (even adults, too) spend a lot of time on their electronic gadgets that they’d rather stay inside all day. That’s not a healthy lifestyle so if your kids are starting to become too attached to their electronic devices, you have to stir things up a bit. Here are some fun suggestions that you can do to get your kids, and yourselves, to spend time outdoors:

Ice Cream Party

Ice cream cones and strawberry ice cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream? This activity is not just for the kids, but for the whole family as well! Get tubs of your favorite flavors of ice cream, bring out those bowls, and add in some favorite toppers – you’ll surely have the whole family out in the yard in no time! While everyone is busy making their own concoctions, throw in some energetic background music to get the vibe going. Not only will you be keeping yourselves cool, but full, too!

Hose It!

This activity involves you and your family getting wet by your garden hose. If you have sprinklers, pails, and an inflatable pool, the better! Since the weather is pretty hot, now’s the time to have fun while cooling yourselves down with water. Be sure to have yummy snacks and a cooler full of refreshments – you will all surely feel thirsty and hungry at some point.

Reading Time

open book with a coffee cup and a wooden table

This is for the bookworms in the family and this is also to inspire those members that are not fond of reading books. You can make things interesting by preparing some prizes. You can choose one book that the kids can read, or you can also split up in teams. They need to finish the book (this can really be just a short one) in an hour or two, and then you will throw-in a pop quiz. Whoever gets to answer the most questions gets to win a prize. Make things interesting so you can be sure to keep them involved in this activity.

Sponge Tower

tower of colorful cleaning sponges isolated on white background

This activity requires cut up pieces of sponges. The pieces do not have to be symmetrical to one another – this makes building a tower more challenging but definitely fun. Split your family in teams and set up a timer for this activity. Whichever team gets to build the highest tower with the cut up pieces wins the game. Just like a normal game, you can give out prizes to the winners.

These fun activities can always be changed to your liking. Spice things up and you’ll be sure to have your kids outside in no time. You will, of course, need durable outdoor patio furniture to ensure comfort. Don’t worry; we have the right pieces for you. Don’t forget to visit Palm Casual for high quality outdoor furniture!

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