Got a Small Outdoor Space? Make It Look Bigger!

A very small, gray house that has been renovated.

Do you have a limited outdoor living area? If you think that your outdoor space is not big enough, then you should not fret too much! There are several ways that you can make your space look a bit bigger (both indoors and outdoors). For instance, if you are fond of having people over, then it is important that you give the impression that you have enough space to accommodate everyone. Your outdoor living area must not feel or look cramped – it will not be as fun for you and your guests to party in a cramped space!
We have gathered some awesome tips to help make your outdoor living area look bigger than it really is:
Nothing can do the best trick than mirrors! If you do not have the luxury to expand your outdoor living area, then you can simply make it look bigger just by hanging a few vintage mirrors on your fences or walls. In doing so, the mirrors will then reflect your surroundings – creating that illusion that there is more space.
Faux-Grass Rug
Colors matter when making your space a bit bigger. For instance, the color green is known to a space expander! If you put a faux-grass on your outdoor living area, then it will automatically create the illusion of a luscious green lawn. In addition, the grassy effect will also provide a relaxing feel!
Coffee Can Planters
This is a simple but great idea because you get to save money and space by reusing old coffee cans! So, instead of planting flowers on the ground, it is a better idea to hang coffee cans instead of on the walls – you also get to save space when you do this. You can also add more décor to your walls if they are hung artistically, or you can also try creating a pattern out of coffee cans.
Hanging Garden
If you would try out the coffee can planters, then you can even have a hanging garden! Another way that you can pull it off is by using tiered baskets, so you can plant more plants or flowers. It does not require a lot of space, it definitely adds more life to your outdoor living area, and you even get to utilize your walls!
Mobile Garden
If you do not want a hanging garden, then you can try having a mobile garden instead. This is perfect if you do not have enough space in your outdoor living area, but you really want to have your own garden – make it possible and put your garden on wheels!
High-Quality Furniture
Do not cramp your outdoor space by getting high-quality outdoor furniture that is just the right fit for whatever space you have. Go for our furniture at Palm Casual because all our products are durable, easy to maintain and weatherproof! We hope to see you at one of our factories soon!

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