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So, you have decided to throw an outdoor party. The big question is: are you ready?
Spring and summer are both ideal times to plan an event – whether it be a bridal or baby shower, a corporate picnic, a backyard barbecue, or a block party. There are some challenges when throwing an outdoor party but we want you to make the most of your outdoor event, so we have prepared some great tips:
#01. Send your invites early.
You should be considerate of your guests’ schedules. Calendars tend to book up fast, especially in the warm-weather months. Make sure you send out your invitations early, before weekends are booked.
#02. Hire professionals.
When it comes to hosting, it is certainly helpful to hire professionals to assist you along the way. Doing so ensures that you can have a great time at your party – without all the fuss! Unless you enjoy cooking for a large group of people, having your event catered is a good idea. This doesn’t mean you have to hire a caterer, you can just order from your local burger shop and this will lessen your to-do list tremendously.
#03. Keep your guests comfortable.
If it is a particularly warm day, have your fans ready. Given that most summer parties take place during the day, invest in outdoor umbrellas if you do not have any yet. If it is within your budget, you can also rent a tent to block the sun’s heat. This way, you can keep your drinks, food, and guests protected from the sun. Do not forget how important your choice in outdoor furniture is – especially if hosting a party for a large group. Check out your options on our website.
#04. Provide options for your guests.
There is no guarantee that your guests will eat what you are planning to serve. This does not mean you have to redo your menu, but what you can do is to provide some vegetarian options – this will be in addition to your main course. A self-serve style is also great since guests can just add their own condiments, toppings, etc. This is also applicable when it comes to serving beverages. Include both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks for all ages. Be sure to always have water! You do not want your guests to get dehydrated from the heat.
#05. Plan activities and games.
One of the best things of summer is being able to spend time outdoors. Why not bring traditional family games outside? There are tons of ideas and suggestions on the internet – make sure to look into them. Games and activities always get both kids and adults alike to participate and have fun!
Hope you liked our tips and happy hosting!

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