Great Ideas for Holiday Parties

Friends dancing in a lounge bar, with dj set

Winter should not be a time for you to lock yourself indoors. This year, why not take the holiday parties outside? A snow-kissed landscape can be as beautiful as a sun-kissed one.
Here are some great outdoor winter party ideas for you to pull off:
Serve hot foods.
What better way to keep your family and friends warm than by serving warm and delicious foods? You can opt for zesty chicken chilli cooked in an iron kettle over the fire or creamy cheese fondue with chunks of bread and sweet apple slices. You can also have loaded slider hamburgers for the young ones to enjoy! Steaming soups and drinks should not be forgotten!
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Make use of the ice.
One fun part of having an icy season is you do not need to bother with ice anymore for your cold drinks. Why not? Freezing temperature keeps bottled beverages cold. If you want a more stylish display for your beverages, you can serve drinks in a vintage box or metal pail, cushioned with soft snow.
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Help your guests keep warm.
A good host knows how to keep their guests happy – and warm at that! It is your responsibility to provide extra blankets, flee scarves, hats and mittens for your guests who need those extra layers. Provide a small table or basket of extra warming items for your guests.
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Put up some lights.
Since colder days also mean darker days, your guests will surely appreciate having extra lighting during your outdoor party. You can make use of snow-filled metal pails and candleholders to serve as an outline of your path during the day. You can also hang lanterns made from mason jars to add more light and life to your party.
You can also help avoid accidents if your pathways are well-lit – especially if you have young kids running around.
Light up a fire.
An outdoor winter party will not be complete with a bonfire. Have that good ‘ol campfire feel by having your own fire pit furniture where your guests can gather round and keep warm while enjoying the fire. You can also have the young ones make S’mores!
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