Great Patio Themes to Spice Things Up

Patios are made to be comfortable, but maybe the design of your patio is getting a little too comfortable.  It’s time to change things up to give a new feel to your patio, deck, or outdoor space.  A great way to make that happen is by using a different theme that will require a few additions but will put a brand new stamp on your outside fun.  Whether you choose to make it temporary or permanent is up to you, but to give you a little inspiration here are three design themes to spark your imagination.


A bohemian patio is designed to evoke the open air spaces of Paris and New York’s rooftops.  Go with a colourful tablecloth, extra pillows of varying sizes and designs, and metal chairs to give it a little European flair.  Greenery and flowers are always a plus as are large and stylish area rugs.  Consider putting up a canopy of pastel cloth to give yourself some shade and give the whole area an airy feel.


We’re not talking about Florida we’re talking about the adobe homes, wide landscapes, and dry heat of the American southwest.  Hard wood accents and furniture (or reasonable facsimiles) add a Tex-Mex vibe and the more distressed the wood the better.  Stone counter or tabletops also add to the feel and if you want to you can even put an old bull skull (or reasonable facsimile) up to complete the look.  Remember that food is a big part of the southwest experience so if you want to have party to go with your design make sure to bring barbecue and/or salsa.


Tiki is making a big comeback lately.  To be clear this isn’t the traditional Maori art form but the kitschy American and Polynesian hybrid so popular in the late fifties and early sixties.  Setting everything around a bar with grass roof is sure way to begin the transformation.  Add in some tropical plants and carved wood with tiki designs and don’t forget the torches.  Serve up drinks in coconuts with plenty of fruit and brightly colored straws and it’ll be a wonderful Pacific party right here in beautiful Florida.

Checking out design themes is a great way to get your mind thinking about improvements you can make.  Take what you want and leave the rest but if you need patio furniture near North Fort Myers or Bonita Springs, come down to Palm Casual today.