Here Are the 4 Best Ways to Arrange Your Patio

arranging your patio

Are you looking for the best way to arrange your outdoor patio furniture?
A larger patio can feel difficult to dress up. That said, if there is ample space, it can be a great place for an outdoor dining area, as well as space for relaxation.
When it comes to patio arrangement, the ultimate goal should be to turn your patio into a comfortable, functional, and attractive extension of your backyard.
Here are some helpful ways to create a patio that will be the envy of all of your neighbors.

1. Create a Seating Area

A seating area featuring a large sofa is a great way to use negative space while also creating an inviting area to have conversations or relax in.
Think about adding a table or two and some chairs to make the area more comfortable. Allow the seating area to function as a focal point and build from there.

2. Casual or Quirky?

The trick to creating an amazing outdoor space that suits your needs is good planning.
Before you decide on furniture, draft everything on a piece of paper to determine exactly how you intend to use the space.
Symmetrical pieces are ideal for a more formal and traditional living space. Meanwhile, more mobile asymmetrical furniture is perfect for those who like to take things as they come, as it can easily be rearranged and re-organized, and allows for lots of room for creativity and adaptability.

3. Think About Placement

As a general rule of thumb, when planning placement, position the longest piece of furniture along the longest wall.
Patios that have ample space can be ideal for outdoor kitchens, but try to keep the kitchen area away from the dining and lounging area to differentiate between the functions of the two separate spaces.

4. Leave an Open Area in the Center

Leaving a bit of free space in the center of the patio will allow for a seamless flow between the backyard and the house. It’s also a great way to subtly encourage everyone to go outside.
Allowing for a bit of free space is also ideal for hosting gatherings as it allows for the flexibility needed to accommodate extra people.
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