High-Quality Outdoor Fire Tables for Sale

High-Quality Outdoor Fire Tables for Sale

Who does not want to have an outdoor living area that’s comfortable and aesthetically-pleasing? If you want your outdoor space to provide the utmost comfort and beauty to anyone who will spend time on it, then you need something important: FIRE TABLES!
Let us present to you some of our available fire tables today that your outdoor living space should not be without!
Something classy…

Most homeowners would rather have a classy and elegant outdoor living area. If you are one of those homeowners, then you would certainly want this custom fire table from our Scabos collection! Nothing screams ‘classy’ than a black fire table – it can go with any outdoor furniture! Made from wicker material, you are sure that this fire table will last for many years to come.
Something round…

Another fire table item made from wicker materials, this round java fire table from our Bonita Collection will definitely be a great addition to your outdoor living area! This piece is great to use especially if you are fond of throwing outdoor parties or just hosting those intimate dinners with family and friends. Make sure that your guests will be kept warm all throughout the night!
Something unconventional…

Now, if you would rather have a cast aluminum fire table instead of wicker, then we got you covered still! This fire table from our Grand Terrace Collection is not only durable, but it is also very easy to clean! You can use it anytime you like – hassle-free! This beautiful item is perfect for those barbecue nights and a few bottles of beers with the men of the household.
Something blue…

Have you ever seen a fire table this beautiful? Well, now you have! This can actually be in your very own backyard! Just imagine hosting an outdoor party or dinner with this beauty for all your guests to see, right? You don’t have to imagine anymore – just give us a call or visit one of our stores today and you can have it for yourself!
Something sturdy…

For those outdoor gatherings with family and friends, you’d want to have something that is both functional and durable – we got just what you need! Our round fire table from the Grand Terrace Collection is for you. This cast aluminum outdoor fire table will be a great addition to your outdoor living area, no matter what look you are going for!
For more fire tables, please visit our website today!

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