Host a Halloween Party at Your Own Backyard

Children In Fancy Costume Dress Going Trick Or Treating Running

With the air getting crisp and the orange leaves are falling, we all know what would be coming next: Halloween! Yes, it’s just around the corner and you may want to make it more special this year for your little ones. So instead of just hitting the pavement and asking for sweets, why not turn the excitement up a bit more by hosting your own Halloween party right at your own backyard!
Here are some tips to help make your party truly spook-tacular:

  1. Ask for your kids’ involvement and commitment. You won’t be able to do this without their help and they would appreciate that you trust them with some tasks. Have them create a list of the people they’d like to have over. Assign the making of invitations as well as the delivery of those to your kids, too.


  1. Enhance what Mother Nature has gifted you with this fall. Skip raking those autumn leaves for a couple of days, have a few pumpkins around the backyard for more colour. You can also drape some store-bought cobwebs. You might want to string some lighting across your patio or around the trees as well. If you have a fire pit, you can place that in the middle of your yard for that perfectly haunting glow! For the kids’ safety though, it’s best to cover that with ta domed screen.


  1. Be creative with the food. Part of the charm of cooking for Halloween is that you can be as weird as you can with them. Serve gummy worms coming from chocolate mud. You can bake some witches’ treats, pumpkin puddings, and more.


  1. Prepare some tricks! Make sure you have some fun activities planned for the party. You can consult your kids about this. Perhaps you can hold a contest for pumpkin-decorating. You can make them hunt for the special witch’s hat with a treat inside. They can play tag on their broomsticks!


  1. Make sure your guests are comfortable. With all the games and activities for the kids, you should also ensure that the adults get a good time. It’s time for you to catch up with your neighbours. Prepare warm drinks and ensure they have comfortable seating. After all, you don’t want neighbours leaving your place because they don’t have anywhere to sit on.

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