Host a Spring Party at Your Own Backyard

In celebration of the arrival of spring, you can host an outdoor BBQ party for your family and close friends or neighbors. Make the most of your spring event by planning ahead! Here are some tips on how you can pull off an awesome backyard BBQ party!
Send invites
Put together the right invitation with the complete details. Make sure that you include information about what time food will be served so potential latecomers are made aware. You should also include information about the type of food you will be serving for those guests who have allergies or dietary restrictions. Let them know about the appropriate attire (if you are having a theme, etc.) you would want them to be in. If you’re not sure about how the weather will be, you can put a line that says, ‘Rain or shine, see you!’
Keep your yard well-lit for safety
You don’t need to purchase flood lights as that might kill the ambiance. You just need to ensure that you have enough outdoor lighting to avoid accidents. You may use your Christmas lights and drape them around surrounding trees, fences or railings. For your outdoor tables, you may light them up using tea lights or paper lanterns.
Keep ‘uninvited’ pests out
You don’t want your party to be disrupted by pesky mosquitoes – have candles that come with bug repellant or pass out bug sprays to your guests as they arrive. If you have a screen door leading to your backyard, make sure that it is always closed properly should your guests use your bathroom. If it’s not properly closed, bugs might get inside your house.
Play the right jams
Music is important in an event as it keeps the guests’ moods up. Play crowd-favorites and keep the volume to the right level. Don’t play your music too loud as you don’t want your guests to be shouting at each other, and you also don’t want to disrupt nearby houses. As the night keeps going, you may want to play upbeat songs to make your guests move and dance around.
Have sufficient seating
Make sure that there’s enough space and outdoor seating for all your guests. There are certain outdoor furniture items that will be definitely useful for outdoor parties such as stackable wicker or aluminum chairs. If you want to know your options, take a look at our available collections. Our products will surely be great additions to the awesome party you’ll be throwing!

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