Hot Tub 101: Get Together Etiquette

A hot tub may not raise the value of your home but it sure will add to your enjoyment of your backyard! Though a good soak is a great way to unwind all year round, when the weather starts to get a little cooler, there's nothing more relaxing than slipping into the warm water and letting your cares of the day swirl away.

You just installed a brand new hot tub, and who doesn't love a good hot tub get together? Make sure they're always fun by following these few Hot Tub Rules of Thumb:

Nudity Is A No-No Unless Otherwise Stated

Not everyone is comfortable enough to doff their dudes for a backyard hot tub bash, even when the backyard is fully enclosed and away from the neighbours prying eyes. If you prefer people wear only their birthday suit, institute a no-suit policy, and if you prefer when they cover up, say so! At the end of the day, it's your patio and your hot tub, so do what is most comfortable for you.

Rinse Suits Clear Of Suds

Wearing suits in your hot tub is fine, but it's important to make sure that all material worn in the hot tub is free of laundry soap residue, because laundry soap bubbles and hot tubs do not a fun evening make. Any item worn in the hot tub must be thoroughly rinsed.

All Bathers Shall Take A Cleansing Rinse…

Before stepping one toe into that tub, make sure you've rinsed clean of lotion, deodorant, dirt and sweat to keep the water clean for others to enjoy at the same time. Also, ask before you introduce bubble bath, bath oil or other foreign substance for several reasons, for example, other tub users may be allergic and you don't want to cause a reaction, and some products may clog the filter or cause a greasy mess that's difficult to clean after without draining the tub and scrubbing. The same goes for food – keep finger foods light for easy, breezy clean up.

Ban The Booze

While a single glass of wine may be fine, it's important to remember that hot water is a stimulant and alcohol is a depressant, meaning that alcohol's effects will be felt more quickly at 104 degrees. Stay well hydrated by drinking plenty of fresh water and maybe save the sipping for after the soak.

Share The Joy

Today's hot tubs tend to feature various strength jets at every seat, though older models are a little more stingy with the bubbles. Play a grown up game of musical chairs and change seats every so often so that everyone can enjoy the effects of each jet.

Safety First For Kids & Pets

A hot tub can be fun for the whole family, but follow manufacturer recommendations when it comes to your kids. According to the Red Cross, you should keep children under 5 away from hot tubs, as they “cannot cope physically with the heat, which may cause hyperthermia and other harmful effects.” Never leave children alone in or around a hot tub. And keep pets out of the hot tub altogether, for their health and for the water quality.

Most importantly, a hot tub is a great investment in your personal enjoyment and relaxation, so invite a few friends over, have a good time and remember: what happens in the hot tub, stays in the hot tub!