How To Create Shaded Spaces On Your Patio

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Beautiful furniture, hardy plants, and pops of color – your patio is perfect, but it's missing one thing. Shade! Bright sunlight is fun for a while, but more than 15 minutes of unprotected exposure can be bad for your skin, as well as your patio furniture. Rain or shine, a few simple, shady solutions can help you enjoy your outdoor space all summer long.

Get Under An Umbrella

One of the easier ways to bring shade to your patio space, placing an umbrella is a quick and simple solution to a sunny backyard. Whether you choose a smaller style that takes space constraints into consideration, or a larger version that can cover your entire patio space, the possibilities are endless.

Simply DIY

You can create a simple custom canopy in a few easy steps: stake four posts in buckets of cement, which can be concealed inside garden planters or pounded directly into the ground, and then tie a square of your favorite outdoor fabric to the posts. Voila! Instant shade.

Build A Pergola

When you can't (or don't want to) extend your actual roofline to extend over your patio space, a pergola can be a suitable, attractive alternative. With classic or modern design, pergolas offer shelter, shade, and adds a touch of class to your backyard space. Traditionally constructed of wood, though metal and vinyl can be used, your pergola may enclose a patio or be built as a standalone structure. They can be fitted with a trellis or lattice panels for cultivating plantings.

Plant A Tree

A boost for the environment and the value of your home, planting a mature tree will provide that much wanted shade, the unexpected (and entirely welcome) benefit of helping to lower your overall heating and cooling bills.

Tent It

A canopy or tent is quickly constructed and easily taken down and stored when the weather turns rough.