How to Find that Ideal Design Balance between Indoor and Outdoor Furniture


The typical outdoor and indoor home environments combine very different styles of furniture. Indoor furniture tends to be built for aesthetic quality and superior comfort, while outdoor furniture must meet certain style standards while retaining durability and weather resistance. But the style standards are now changing, especially within warm climates such as Florida. And now homeowners are seeking to take the comfort of in-home furniture and bring it to their outside patio spaces. In this blog, we’ll look at how to find that ideal balance between indoor and outdoor furniture.


Harmonizing the Color Scheme

The beginning element in balancing any two areas is to harmonize the colour schemes. The colors of the backdoor space will often be lighter and comprise of materials such as wicker and wood furniture. The use of wicker chairs within the home was a leading choice for 2014 and in 2015, it’s expected that the design technique will continue to be used by homeowners looking to achieve a relaxed yet stylish appeal to their living space. By adopting similar style colors within both their outdoor and backdoor spaces, homeowners can blur the line between both areas.

Using Indoor Furniture under Covered Areas

Another leading technique for blending the design palettes of the indoor and outdoor space is to match indoor furniture with pieces within covered outdoor areas. Homeowners can match a furniture set placed under a gazebo with their living room décor to present a seamless appeal that captures the imagination of guests. It’s important to keep all material covered, however, when not in use, to help preserve the condition of the furniture over the long-term.

Continuous Flooring Material Helps Drive the Design

To help further enhance the balance between the outdoor and indoor furniture areas, homeowners can use continuous flooring material that creates the sense of a seamless flow. For example, homeowners might use wood flooring from the kitchen space to transition to the wood deck outside the home. This will bring a sense of unity to the environment and bring together all furniture elements.


Creating that idyllic of sense of cohesion between outdoor and indoor living spaces can help homeowners maximize the true value of each area of their property. To learn more on this style of design, contact our trusted team experts directly. 

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