How To Make Your Patio Space Child-Friendly

When talk turns to patio design, it's easy to get caught up in the process. From fabric and materials to layout and accessories, the devil is in the details, and even families with kids can forget the backyard is for everyone. You don't have to sacrifice relaxation and serenity to create an outdoor space that's exciting for kids. With a few simple additions and careful consideration, your backyard can be an oasis for everyone in your home.

All About Play

Our garden can offer endless sources of education and entertainment for children. Regardless your style, when it comes to kids your design and ideas should be flexible, and adapt with them. Of course you can opt for a play set or the ubiquitous monkey bars, but bringing in elements and creating spaces where their burgeoning imaginations can run wild be much more fun.

A teepee or tent provides shelter, shade and a fun place to camp. Natural areas with lots of places to hide, where young ones can build forts or cultivate their own gardens will provide hands-on entertainment. Even a paved pathway can offer a space to practice rollerblading or biking, or any other number of games.

The Green Scene

Plants and water features add interest and color to every patio and outdoor space, with the added benefit of being great for your health! Curate a colorful garden of flowers, herbs, or even vegetables that can encourage learning and foster a lifelong love of gardening in your little people.

Plants that attract wildlife, like butterfly bushes or honeysuckle for hummingbirds, are attractive and fragrant options that can help teach your children about nature.

It's important, however, to make sure that any plant within reach of little hands (and animals) are not poisonous. Avoid thorny plants where possible, even if your kids known to steer clear. And plants that have edible berries are not a good idea, as they can be accidentally swallowed.

Safety First

Even the most well intentioned parents have been known to lose track of their kids for a few moments, but when you plan ahead, those minutes don't have to be filled with panic.

When it comes to safety precautions, cover all of your bases. A fenced-in yard should be built to the city's standard building recommendations, and should be well maintained. The same goes for fencing and safety measures surrounding a pool, including child locks on doors and pool covers. An elevated deck should have a sturdy railing and stairs with posts that aren't placed too far apart so a child cannot squeeze through.