How to Protect Furniture Material from the Sun

The Florida sunshine brightens our living environment and brings in millions of visitors to the state each year. But for those with outdoor patio furniture, the sun’s rays can also have a negative impact that can degrade materials and reduce furniture value over time. By utilizing recommended strategies, homeowners can protect their outdoor furniture against sun damage. And so in this blog, we’ll look at techniques for protecting furniture from the sun.


An Umbrella Can Add Style and Bring Protection

By utilizing an umbrella to cover their patio furniture from the sun’s rays, homeowners can protect their pieces during those perfectly sunny days. Umbrellas are also ideal for protecting skin against the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. It’s a cost-effective solution that can ensure full sun coverage.


Use Paints that Offer U.V Protection

By painting their patio furniture using U.V. protective paints, homeowners can protect against the damage caused by prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays. U.V paints are ideal for use on wood patio furniture, for example, as they can help boost the natural appeal of the wood while ensuring that the product remains at its peak aesthetic best over many years. U.V. paint can also help protect the wood against rot-related issues. Latex-based paints are considered the industry recommended choice for this type of patio furniture application.


Keep Colors Fresh with Fabric Guards

To protect fabrics from the effects of fading, many homeowners now use fabric guards on their fabric patio furniture. Most fabric guards need only be applied every few weeks, even in areas with constant sunshine. It’s important, when selecting a fabric guard product to choose a product that offers both U.V. protection and liquid staining protection. There are a number of products now available that will present full value-for-money.


Cover Sensitive Products When not In Use

For products such as wicker, it’s imperative that homeowners cover the furniture or bring it indoors when it’s not in-use. Wicker can be especially sensitive to the sun’s rays and prolonged exposure can cause significant damage to the product. Using a water-resistant and UV-protective cover on the product should help keep wicker furniture in its optimal condition over the long-term.


By taking proactive measures to protect their patio furniture, homeowners can negate the effects of the sun’s rays. To learn more on the various U.V. protection products available on the marketplace, speak with one of our products experts directly.